Partners in Reading - Digital Literacy

man and woman using a computer

Partners in Reading (PAR) offers free technology instruction for learners in the program. The PAR computer lab and volunteer technology coaches help adults use computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. 

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is the ability to use technology to find, evaluate, create, and share information. You can improve this skill with instruction and practice.

Computers, cell phones, and the internet are an important part of our lives. We need to know how to use them.

Call PAR at 1-408-808-2361 to become an adult learner in the program!

Get Technology Help

PAR’s Volunteer Computer Lab and Technology coaches can help you with many basic technology skills, such as how to:

  • use a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone
  • type using a keyboard
  • text on a phone
  • check and send emails
  • use online calendars
  • use online banking
  • search engines and browse websites
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, or Google Documents

Get Technology

PAR learners can borrow Chromebook laptops from the PAR office for 90 days with their library card. Ask PAR staff if you are interested in borrowing a Chromebook laptop by calling 1-408-808-2361. Please leave a message with your name and phone number.

PAR Computer Lab Hours

The Partners in Reading Computer Lab is located at King Library, on the 1st floor, inside the PAR office. It is open to PAR learners when the PAR office is open.

Learn on Your Own