Partners in Reading - Digital Literacy

man and woman using a computer

Partners in Reading (PAR) offers free technology instruction for learners in the program. The PAR computer lab and volunteer technology coaches help adults use computers, various e-devices and smart phones more effectively. PAR learners can check out e-readers with their library cards.

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is a skill acquired through instruction and practice in using technology devices and the access they give to the internet. Digital literacy gives individuals the ability to find information, check its reliability, and communicate using computers, tablets, smart phones, and other devices. The internet allows for incredible access to information and creation of art, music, photos, and more. Learning to navigate the digital world is a skill that is now coupled with the skill of learning to read and write better.

Call PAR at 1-408-808-2361 to become an adult learner in the program!