SJ Engage

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Do you want to make a difference in your community while gaining volunteer hours and unlocking internship and job shadowing opportunities? San José Public Library is the answer with our new civic engagement and digital volunteerism program to empower our youth.

What is SJ Engage?

SJ Engage is San José Public Library's program powered by LRNG to inspire social action and local civic engagement of young people ages 13-24 within their communities and to unlock a multitude of real-world opportunities.

Benefits of Participating in SJ Engage include:

  • Internships with local and state leaders.
  • Opportunities to shadow local non-profit organizations focused on immigration, housing, mental health and gun reform.
  • Learning new skills to boost your resume.
  • Earn volunteer hours when you complete SJ Engage.
  • Accessible on all mobile devices.
  • Flexible hours so you can participate while waiting in line at Starbucks or taking a YouTube break.
  • Hone your public speaking skills by speaking at a City Council meeting.
  • FREE!
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How Do I Sign Up?

What Else Do I Need to Do?

Complete the following three Playlists on LRNG. A "Playlist" is a curated group of Learning Experiences (XP) and Resources, stitched together into a compelling media-rich narrative around a common theme.

colorful triangles with the words: Equality, Diversity, Respect, Justice, Tolerance

Playlist 1 - Explore the Issues

Playlist 1 seeks to inspire youth by exploring examples of how youth are using their voices and action to effect change. They will become familiar with people and organizations that are trying to effect change with regards to immigrant rights, gun violence, housing, and mental health issues and then define their call to action.

two teens sitting on wooden steps researching, one with a book, the other with a laptop

Playlist 2 - Gather & Evaluate Your Sources

Playlist 2 teaches youth how understanding fake news, fact checking, confirmation biases, and data literacy play a critical role in consuming media. They will begin to define their ideas and gather resources of interest in regards to their call to action.

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Playlist 3 - Gear Up for the Big World

Playlist 3 focuses on understanding discourse and public speaking essentials. Youth will assemble their ideas and present their issue of interest and call to action at a San José City Council meeting.

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What is LRNG?

SJ Engage is powered by LRNG, an immersive platform that enables youth to explore their interests through online experiences that weave together online and local education, marks their skills, and can unlock real world career opportunities.