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At this time, in-person services are not available at the King Library. Please explore our virtual services.

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Be You at TeenHQ

TeenHQ is the teen center headquarters located at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in downtown San Jose. It is a place designed exclusively by and for teens in middle and high school.

This teen dream hub provides the best environment for innovation to flourish. At TeenHQ, you can be you!


150 E San Fernando St., San José, CA 95112

Elizabeth Nolan
Elizabeth Nolan


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TeenHQ Gamer Lounge

Hang out with your friends and play some video games.

TeenHQ Makerspace

Space with manufacturing equipment for teens to create and design custom products.

TeenHQ Recording Studio

Private recording booth and mixing boards where music can be produced, recorded, edited and saved.