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What is SJ Aspires?

San José Aspires is an invitation-based program for students at select schools in San José. Students in the program will receive financial awards as they complete different tasks connected to college and career readiness. Through the program, students may earn up to $5,000 to support their post-secondary educational goals.

Participating Schools

Currently, students who are in the 9th grade class (Class of 2023-2024) at Overfelt High School, the 10th grade class (Class of 2022-2023) at San José High School, and the 12th grade class at Opportunity Youth Academy (Class of 2020-2021) are eligible to receive awards through SJ Aspires.

Winter 2021 Update

San José Aspires is excited to announce that is launching a digital community for students in the program throughout the month of January. Students in SJ Aspires will have access to a customized portal where they can see the awards they have earned and upload documents to claim other awards. While in high school, students will be able to earn up to $5,000 toward their post-secondary education.

But financial support is only one component of San José Aspires. Over the long-term, SJ Aspires will provide high school students with a tailored curriculum, access to college and career advisors (both provided by our partner, Students Rising Above), and help them develop the academic habits and self-advocacy skills needed to succeed after high school. By identifying college and career readiness guideposts and awarding students as they reach these different guideposts, SJ Aspires will allow students to adapt, change, and explore new interests and connect their high school experiences to their post-secondary goals.

Over the next few months, SJ Aspires will announce additional partnerships and components to the program. We encourage you to bookmark this page and check back as we grow.

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We’re grateful for the financial support provided by many corporations and foundations that recognize the important role libraries play in preparing our youth for a prosperous future:

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SJ Aspires Awards

Choose from a menu of awards that cover a wide range of resources, projects, and achievements that promote college and career readiness.

SJ Aspires FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about earning awards through the SJ Aspires program.

Your SJ Aspires Account

Details on how SJ Aspires internally tracks student progress and the amount earned.