Equity and Inclusion

Participants at a disability inclusion craft event.

You Belong

You belong at the San José Public Library. We commit to providing a welcoming and safe environment for all. Learn more about how SJPL is building a better library for you.

Our Principles

We follow the principles of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism:

  • Equity is a commitment to fairness. We strive to create opportunities for equal access, treatment and opportunity for everyone.

  • Diversity is what we’re made of. We work to ensure the different voices, ages, races/ethnicities, languages, abilities, gender, sexual orientation and other experiences represent all who live in San Jose.

  • Inclusion is access to resources and quality experiences for the diverse needs of all people. We also aim to remove barriers to access.

  • Anti-Racism is the ongoing commitment to address how systems of oppression based on race have been used to unfairly impact people of color, especially those in the Black/African American community.

Learn More

To learn more about SJPL’s efforts to advance Equity and Inclusion, contact Karla Alvarez, Community Programs Administrator for Equity and Inclusion Services at karla.alvarez@sjlibrary.org.

Anti-Racism Resources

Our expert Librarians have compiled a list of anti-racist resources and reading recommendations.


Explore our free materials, services, programs, and adaptive technology for people with disabilities.


The Library-by-Mail service provides books and other library materials to members of all ages who are unable to visit the library due to a temporary or permanent physical disability.

Disability Inclusion Events

We have a variety of inclusive programs (currently virtual) designed for people of all ages and abilities.

Community Conversations: Your Voice Matters

If you are looking for a way to actively participate in democracy—to have your voice heard—we encourage you to attend one of our free Community Conversations.

Family Learning Centers

Family Learning Centers offer free learning opportunities for adults and families who are English language learners, immigrants, low-income, with different abilities, and active adults/seniors.

Resources Within Walking Distance of King Library For Those In Need

A significant list of resources for those in need in downtown San José.

SJ Access: Free Internet & Tech Devices

SJ Access provides residents and students access to all things digital: internet, Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, computer classes, and tech support.

Equity and Inclusion Services Unit – Team Charter

Read our Team Charter and learn how we are working to create a more equitable and inclusive Library.

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