Teens Reach: Community Service

Teens Reach is the youth council for the San José Public Library. Young people ages 13-18 volunteer to support library programs and events. Teens have a chance to learn how to lead and work together, get involved in their community, and serve as library advisors and advocates.

What do we do?

Past Teens Reach activities include: children's craft programs, volunteering at our Summer Learning registration table, and representing San José Public Library at community events. Members are recruited from all neighborhoods throughout San José and participate through Teens Reach chapters at local branch libraries.

Want to Join?

To join Teens Reach you must be 13-18 years of age, have a strong interest in the library, enjoy working with people of all ages and cultures, and be willing to learn new skills. Membership requires regular attendance at meetings, participation in and support of library activities and events, and a sense of fun and adventure. As a bonus, Teens Reach members can earn community service hours through participation in meetings and activities.

To join, follow the “Sign Me Up” link under the chapter you’re interested in. A Teens Reach coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

Teens Reach Chapters at Our Libraries

Almaden Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3040
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Alum Rock Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3090
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Alviso Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-263-3626
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Bascom Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3077
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Berryessa Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3050
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Biblioteca Latinoamericana Branch Library
Bilingual Spanish/English
Contact: 1-408-294-1237
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Calabazas Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3066
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Cambrian Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3080
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East SJ Carnegie Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3075
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Edenvale Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3036
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Educational Park Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3073
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Evergreen Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3060
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Hillview Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3033
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Joyce Ellington Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3043
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King Library
Contact: 1-408-808-2165
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Pearl Avenue Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3053
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Rose Garden Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3070
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Santa Teresa Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3068
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Seven Trees Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3056
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Tully Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3030
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Village Square Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3093
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Vineland Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3000
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West Valley Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-244-4747
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Willow Glen Branch Library
Contact: 1-408-808-3045
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We have many more ways for you to volunteer at San Jose Public Library! Have questions? Contact Volunteer Services at 1-408-808-2181 or volunteer.sjpl@sjlibrary.org

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Teen Book Reviewer

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