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Overfelt Gardens Pathway
Overfelt Gardens in East San Jose is a large, beautiful park designed for peace and relaxation. The 33 acres of land for the park was gifted to the City of San Jose in 1959 by Mildred Overfelt in memory of her parents, William and Mary Overfelt. The community park opened in 1966 to the public, after many years of planning and construction. The Overfelts were one of San Jose’s early pioneer families; they purchased their ranch land in the 1850’s and ran a successful grain and dairy farm on the property for many decades. Mildred was born on the ranch...Read more...
Image: A circa 1911 photograph of John Trexall's grocery store which was located across the street from Lowell Elementary School. Prior to 1907, Mr. Trexall had a market at 350 San Augustine (now W. St. John Street). Courtesy of The Sourisseau Academy for State and Local History.
Once a year I create an album for San Jose State University’s Sourisseau Academy . Each album contains captioned historic photographs on various topics, and my first one was entitled, “What Ever Happened to the Corner Market?” (a video was also created) I noticed that one of the markets in my album had been located on Margaret and South Seventh Street , so I decided look up the address on Google Maps to see what was there now. What I initially perceived was that the beautiful old building had been replaced with a very plain modern one, but then I...Read more...