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Cropped Image:  Senator Robert F. Kennedy prepares to address the crowd in San Jose's St. James Park on Saturday March 23, 1968. Photo ©Edward Souza.
Image: Senator Robert F. Kennedy in San Jose's St. James Park on Saturday March 23, 1968. Photo ©Edward Souza. On Saturday March 24 of this year, I participated in a 50th anniversary celebration of Robert F. Kennedy 's 1968 presidential campaign rally here in San Jose. The celebration took place at St. James Park , the location of the 1968 rally. I'd been honored with the task of delivering the keynote address. Along with speeches by several local politicians, actor Jeffrey Brian Adams provided an excellent re-enactment of Senator Kennedy's speech . One of the day's highlights was meeting photographer...Read more...
Image: A 1940/50s neon sign reading "Motel."
Image: The Whitehouse Inn located at 3030 Monterey Road. Photos ©Ralph M. Pearce. Driving down Monterey Road the other day, I was struck by all of the new construction. Since the early 1960s, the road has been a collection of light industrial businesses along with retail stores, old motels, and an occasional restaurant or house. The old motels have always held the most fascination for me, as they harken back to a day when Monterey Road was a major thoroughfare for travelers. Image: The Palm Tree Inn Motel located at 2724 Monterey Highway. Photos ©Ralph M. Pearce. Monterey Road began...Read more...