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Photo of Civic Stage Set sculpture by David Bottini
Dedicated in 1989, David Bottini’sculpture, Civic Stage Set , is located on Park Avenue between Almaden Boulevard and Market Street near the Tech Museum . It is a geometric abstract sculpture made of painted steel. To tell the story of how the city of San José got Civic Stage Set , I’d have to tell you about the fate of Bottini’s previous sculpture, Great Planes Study VII . In April 1986, a city employee on his way to lunch walked past the construction zone of the Fairmont Hotel and noticed something was missing - a 20-foot tall, 3½ ton red,...Read more...
Vintage Orange Julius cup with red devil logo
Back in the 1960s and 1970s, besides orange juice we had orange flavored soft drinks like Orange Crush , and then we had the Orange Julius . An Orange Julius was a real treat, especially on warm days, and franchises were purchased and buildings erected just to sell the frothy, ice cold beverage. I remember there was one downtown San Jose , one in Los Gatos, and then there was always a stand at the Santa Clara County Fair . One hot summer day in the mid-1970s, my cousin Blanche and I rode our bikes downtown and stopped by the...Read more...