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Biblioteca Latinoamerica Branch Library
It’s the start of a new year which means there’s no better time to start exploring some San Jose Libraries. The San José Public Library system has a total of 24 branches and, unfortunately, we don't get a chance to visit them all. For this blog, we will be examining the Biblioteca Latinoamericana Branch located on South First Street and see everything it has to offer. Rich History- How a Small Group of Mothers Made Big Waves The Biblioteca Latinoamericana branch currently resides next to the Washington United Youth Center and Brenda Lopez Plaza, but this location hasn’t always been...Read more...
jeweled crown
In the crowning glory that is San Jose's library system, Alviso Branch Library is the forgotten jewel. Each branch has its own unique facets, of course, but because of its location, people tend to forget Alviso exists. In spite of this, Alviso branch library has much to recommend it. Located at the north end of San Jose and nestled between Milpitas and Santa Clara, Alviso is one of the oldest towns in Santa Clara County. It was incorporated in 1852 and was a major commercial shipping port for the southern part of Santa Clara County until the late 1880's. As...Read more...