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Poster of Story Road and King Road done by Sonny Madrid (Founder of Lowrider Magazine)
Lowrider Exhibition On December 15, 2018, the San Jose Public Library - California Room opened its first ever lowrider exhibit, Story and King: San Jose's Lowrider Culture . With lowrider jams played by DJ Queso, the vibe was not only educational, but nostalgic. Over 200 people joined the library that day, sharing stories of cruising and introducing their history to the younger generation. The common sentiment expressed was that it's about time San Jose is put on the map for its contributions to lowrider history, including Lowrider Magazine, first published locally by Sonny Madrid . In light of lowriding's importance...Read more...
Image: 1927 Chevy 1 ton truck receiving roadside repair. Photo by Ralph Pearce
Our current low rider exhibit got me to thinking about the many old trucks I've owned. About 1977, I was riding down Koch Lane in a high school friend's 1955 Chevy pick-up , when it occurred to me that an old truck was just the vehicle for me. Sitting up high looking out over an old style hood, and the ability to move furniture or water heaters or make a run to the dump... I could do anything with an old pick-up. The 1980s were my bachelor years, and during that period I fixed-up a great many old trucks. I...Read more...