Sideview of Maker[Space]Ship glimmering as a shining beacon of innovation and the promise of adventure on a cloudy day.

Mission Statement

The Maker[Space]Ship is an innovative mobile workshop which overcomes access barriers in San José to foster creative ideas, connect people with technology, and encourage problem-solving, collaboration, and discovery.

What to Expect

The Maker[Space]Ship just landed in my neighborhood! Now what? Here are some tips for ensuring a successful launch.

  • We can only have a limited number of explorers on board at once. Listen to Library Mission Control when the vehicle arrives for instructions about how many can attend the program. Information will also be listed on our event page.
  • If the door to the Maker[Space]Ship is closed that means a program is in session or Library Mission Control is setting up. Instead of knocking, look for a sign outside which will have instructions.
  • While on board please respect the equipment and other explorers. Some of the equipment will only be operated by Library Mission Control, so listen to instructions carefully before blasting off.
  • Want the Maker[Space]Ship to land in your neighborhood?
  • Want to lead a Maker[Space]Ship mission?
  • Fact Sheet - more information about the Maker[Space]Ship! (1.84 MB PDF)

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San Jose Public Library Foundation

Support the Maker[Space]Ship through the SJPL Foundation. Please write "Maker[Space]Ship" in the "Where to Give" section and select "Other".