The Retro Tech Strikes Back!

After 4 years on hiatus, the California Room is pleased to present...



From the Analog Past to the Digital Future!

Convert Your Analog Media to Digital

Got tapes you can’t play anymore? Slides stuffed in old shoe boxes? Precious photos slowly decaying? Has the digital revolution left your memories stranded in the past, trapped in outdated or unplayable formats?

Enter... The California Room!

San José Public Library's Retro Tech program enables library patrons to convert their analog media into digital formats.

How it Works

At no-cost, two hour appointments led by trained volunteers, participants will learn how to digitize materials including slides, VHS, vinyl, Super 8s and 8 millimeter tapes, documents, and photographs.

The collection includes:

  • Slide Scanner
  • Super 8 and 8mm Converter
  • USB Turntable
  • Document Scanner
  • Photo Scanner
  • VHS Converter

Schedule an appointment today

Appointments will be available starting May 2024 in the King Library's California Room.

Call 408-808-2167

Let us know what you want to convert. Just bring yourself and your materials.  USB or other storage device required unless using cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.

Volunteer Opportunity

Want to share your savvy with others seeking to preserve their memories? We are currently recruiting volunteers!

Complete a Volunteer Application

Don’t wait any longer. Preserve the past for the future. Try Retro Tech Today!