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What is the Makerspace?

The TeenHQ Makerspace is a collaborative studio space for teens to learn through hands-on exploration. The space is equipped with manufacturing equipment for teens to create and design custom products, both through independent projects and library-led programs.

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Who Can Use the Makerspace?

The Makerspace is reserved for use by library customers in middle and high school. The library will also host special times for adults to enjoy the equipment in the Makerspace. Please keep an eye on the King Library calendar to learn about these programs as they are scheduled.

What can I use in the Makerspace?

Specific equipment that you can use in the makerspace includes:

  • UP Mini: Print 3D objects made of filament. At TeenHQ, Makers can design their own 3D objects using online software such as Tinkercad or Onshape or access free pre-made 3D files from online libraries such as Thingiverse.
  • Nomad 883 Pro: Create 2D and 3D computer models and use this desktop CNC to carve wood, plastic, or small metal pieces. Possible projects include jewelry, figurines, carved boxes, kitchen utensils and more!
  • Cricut Explore One: Create precise designs, letters and shapes from vinyl, leather, paper, cardstock and other materials.
  • Epilog Zing 16: Etch and/or cut a variety of materials with this desktop laser cutter, including wood, plastic, paper and cardboard. At TeenHQ, Makers will use Adobe Illustrator to create their custom designs.
  • Babylock Rachel BL50A: Bringing a design from sketch to reality is possible with this sewing machine, which is fully equipped to handle sewing projects from cosplay to school bags. Limited quantities of notions, thread, and fabric are available, but Makers should bring their own materials for large sewing projects.
  • Babylock Imagine: Finish sewing projects like a professional with this serger featuring automatic threading to make hemming and coverstitching your sewing projects easier than ever.
  • Electronics Station: A fully stocked electronics station with a soldering iron is available for all your tinkering needs! Makers will have access to a limited supply of motors, LEDs, buttons, switches and more to geek out on new innovations. The station also includes a Raspberry Pi and Arduino to test out new coding programs.
  • Microscope: This professional stereo microscope will enable Makers to manipulate and work on detailed projects, such as circuit boards.
  • Wacom Intuos Art Creative Pen and Touch Tablets: Sketch, draw, paint, design and create awesome, professional-looking artwork that makes people take notice.
  • Assorted Tools: A range of other basic hand tools are available for Makers to bring their ideas to life.
  • Craft Supplies: Various arts and crafts supplies are also available for use in the Makerspace, including cardstock paper, hot glue guns, knitting needles and yarn.

How Can I Use the Makerspace?

Follow these steps to use the Makerspace:

  • Contract & Waiver: Complete a Contract and Waiver (PDF, 171KB), including a signature from a parent or guardian.
  • Safety Guidebook: Review the Safety Guidebook (PDF, 885KB) before using the space.
  • Training: Attend a general space training and/or specific trainings for each piece of equipment you want to use. Regular trainings will be scheduled by library staff; please check the TeenHQ event calendar for the next available training dates.
  • Safety: While using the Makerspace, including during training sessions, please remember to tie back long hair, avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling accessories, and wear closed-toe shoes. Admission into the Makerspace will be denied if not wearing appropriate attire.
  • Open Use & Reservations: Use the Makerspace during the open hours. Certain equipment must be reserved in advance.

Equipment Reservations

Equipment can be reserved online through the library’s reservation system. Reservations can be made up to four days in advance, and Makers may only have one active reservation at a time.

Equipment that must be reserved includes:

3D Printer is printing an adorable snail.
3D Printer (2-hour reservations)
CNC Machine
CNC Machine (1-hour reservations)
Serger (1-hour reservations)
Sewing Machine
Sewing Machines (2-hour reservations)
Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron (1-hour reservations)
Vinyl Cutter
Vinyl Cutter (30-minute reservations)

Preparation: Create Your Design First

If you are planning to create a custom design for any of the machines (e.g. the 3D printer, CNC machine or laser cutter), please first reserve a computer in TeenHQ to work on your design or complete it at home. Once the design is finished, you will be able to transfer it to a Makerspace laptop to use the equipment. If you do not have your design finished before entering the Makerspace, there may not be enough time for the machine to finish creating your product.

Have Questions?

Ask Makerspace staff for assistance.