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Teens happily tinker with the recording studio equipment at SJPL TeenHQ. TeenHQ logo

What is the Recording Studio?

TeenHQ features a private recording booth where music can be produced, recorded, edited and saved. Teens can use the computer and mixing boards outside the studio to produce musical tracks, and a computer inside the studio to record vocals and instruments. The studio is also a great place to record podcasts or other audio projects!

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150 E San Fernando St., San José, CA 95112


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Who Can Use the Recording Studio?

The Recording Studio is reserved for use by library customers in middle and high school.

Recent Workshop: Beat-Making

How Can I Use the Recording Studio?

Follow these steps to use the Recording Studio:

  • Contract & Waiver: Complete a Contract and Waiver (PDF, 171KB), including a signature from a parent or guardian.
  • Training: Attend a Recording Studio training before reserving and using the space. Regular trainings will be scheduled by library staff; please check the TeenHQ event calendar for the next available training dates.
  • Reservations: Reserve the Recording Studio in advance. Reservations can be made up to four days in advance for one-hour sessions. You may only have one active reservation at a time. Please remember to bring a personal USB to your session to transfer and store your music files.

Your reservation will include use of the production computer, where you can use the mixing boards and production software to create your own music, as well as the use of the Recording Studio to record your vocals and/or any instruments you wish to play.

If you have questions about how to use the equipment or schedule a reservation, please ask a TeenHQ staff member for assistance.


Specific equipment and software for the recording studio include:

High-quality microphones, microphone stand, and pop screen
High-quality headphones and external speakers
Pro Tools 12 purple and black software box
Pro Tools 12 (software for recording live music or podcasts in the studio)
Reason icon
Reason 8 (software for recording live music or podcasts in the studio)
Mackie 802VLZ4
Mackie 802VLZ4 (mixing board for producing music)
Akai Advance 49
Akai Advance 49 (midi controller for producing music)
Maschine Studio
Maschine Studio(production studio with paired software)
Traktor Kontrol S5
Traktor Kontrol S5 (all-in-one DJ controller system)