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Recommended Reads

Recommended reads are books for reading for fun or during free time that PAR recommends for adult learners.

Quick Reads Collection

Quick Reads is a collection of books written for adult learners of all reading levels. Check out the Quick Reads collection at the following libraries:



Oxford Bookworms are another collection of books written for adult learners of all reading levels. This series has shortened popular books for different reading levels. Some Oxford Bookworms also have matching audiobooks, so adults can listen to a recording and follow along with the reading.

PAR Newsletters

Learner Books

Each year since 2001, PAR has published a book made up of short stories by PAR learners revolving around a special theme. Check out PAR’s learner book collection below:

2023: If I Had the Power
(6.5 MB)

2022: Community
(2.89 MB)

2021: The Bright Side
(3.08 MB)

2020: My Greatest Adventure
(12.6 MB)

2019: My Best Gift
(6.63 MB)

2018: I Wish...
(4.53 MB)

2017: My San José
(3 MB)

2016: My Journey
(2.63 MB)

2015: My Favorite...
(4.93 MB)

2014: The Magic of Learning
(5.95 MB)

2013: My Best Friend
(2.98 MB)

2011: My Hero
(2.12 MB)

2010: Good Food, Good Memories
(4.2 MB)

2009: Humor Me...
(1.75 MB)

2008: Memories of Home
(1.73 MB)

2007: Thank You!
(1.43 MB)

2006: Hopes, Wishes and Dreams
(1.97 MB)

2005: Happy Times
(1.96 MB)

2004: Family and Friends
(2.2 MB)

2003: Memories
(2.09 MB)

2001: Changes in Our Lives
(2.58 MB)

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