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Discover & Go offers San José Public Library members access to free or reduced price tickets to California museums and attraction. Check out the list of venues and reserve your passes today!


What is Discover & Go?

Discover & Go is a partnership between libraries and cultural attractions offering library cardholders from every community, age group, and economic background free and low-cost tickets to world-class museums, theaters, aquariums, zoos, and science centers.

The program allows cultural attractions to reach out to people who haven't visited them or don't know about them; libraries to bridge the gap between books and hands-on cultural experience; and the public to explore fun cultural opportunities they may have otherwise been unable to access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the types of passes, number available, and other details different from attraction to attraction? Why aren't they all the same?
The terms of each venue's offerings are negotiated with that venue individually. That is the reason that there will be different restrictions or requirements. Make sure to read the information provided for the venue you want to visit before reserving your passes.

How can I find out the venues that provide passes through Discover & Go?
Log in to Discover & Go with your library card and PIN and look for the "All Attractions" link near the top of the page. You will be taken to an alphabetical link of all of the venues that are available to the San Jose Public Library. NOTE: This is a complete list -- many of the venues on the list will not have passes available for all dates.

When are Discover & Go passes for a new month made available?
Passes are made available two months in advance and are released at 12:01 am on the first day of the month. That means that tickets for December will be available on October 1.

Are there age limits for reserving passes at Discover & Go?
The minimum age to reserve a pass is 14 years old. For some venues, the minimum age will be 16 or 18 and up. Venues that restrict passes to older age groups will not display on the screen when someone younger logs in. For example: the de Young Museum has an age limit of 18 and up. If a 14 year old logs into the D&G site, the de Young Museum passes will not show up on the screen.

When I try to log in to Discover & Go I get a message that says "Invalid Postal Code. You must live within the library's service area to use the Discover & Go Service." - what's wrong?
Customers must live within the library's service area (have a San Jose ZIP code) in order to log in and reserve passes. Discover & Go uses the zip code in your library record to determine eligibility. If a customer does not qualify to reserve a pass because their ZIP code is not in the library's service area, we recommend that they try the public library within their ZIP code. Many local libraries offer Discover & Go. Look at the drop-down list of participating libraries for more information. If you have changed your address or believe that the ZIP code on file is incorrect, take your library card and an ID with your current address to one of our branch libraries. If your ID does not have your current address, bring a piece of mail that does.

Can I cancel a reservation if I decide not to use it?
Yes, it is recommended that you cancel your reservation as soon as you know that you will not use it so that another library customer can use it. If you reserve a pass and do not use it or cancel the reservation, the unused pass will count toward your limit. Many popular venues allow a limited number of passes per year. Passes that are printed (or for which a printing attempt has been made) cannot be canceled, so do not print your pass until close to the date of the reservation.

May I just use the pass on my phone or do I have to print it?
Many venues will require that users present printed passes, but some will allow a mobile pass. The information will be provided on the venue’s page. If an attraction requires a printed pass, mobile passes will not be accepted.

Can I search for the location I want?
You can search by attraction or location. In addition, you can apply the filter that lets you search for three types of passes:

  1. Free Passes
  2. Discounted passes
  3. Mobile passes accepted
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