Express Pickup Bundle Request Form

Pirate and ship emerging from pages of an open picture book.

Want Lots of Books Fast? Save time and get a Bundle. (Limit three)

Have staff select items and bundle them together for Express Pickup! Currently, we can only offer bundles of some children's items. When a bundle is ready for pick-up, you will get an e-mail notification, or it will say "Ready for Pickup" in your account's Holds. Bundles will be pre-checked out to you with an extra week of time. You will have 10 days to pick up your bundle(s). Try our online Readers Advisory service 5forU if you'd like a personalized recommendation.

Bundles are now only available for pick-up at King Library. Libraries that have reopened for indoor services are not available as bundle pick-up locations.

Please submit only one request at a time, limit of 3 bundles. Requests may take up to a week to fulfill. Make an appointment to pick up your bundle when its ready. Thank you.


Only library card numbers starting with '2119...' are able to request bundles.
Please enter an email address so we can contact you.
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What type of books would you like in your bundle?
stack of board books
Two Spanish language board books
Two Chinese language board books
Vietnamese language board books
Stack of floppy picture books with Curious George on top.
Stack of floppy easy reader books with a Star Wars and Frozen title facing outward.
stack of hardcover easy reader books
stack of picture books
stack of children's series books
stack of children's graphic novels
stack of children's non fiction books
stack of folk and fairy tales books
Each format you select will be one bundle, please select no more than three.

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Note: We will do our best to honor special requests whenever possible but cannot guarantee it. Requests may take 3-5 days to fulfill.