Borrower Guidelines

Illustration by C. H. Sonder with an open book rests on a desktop with a dragon tail, sword, and arrow peaking out of the pages, papers flying out of the middle and transforming into birds, and numbers, puzzles, and more wonders floating out of the pages.

Checkouts & Renewals

  • 3 weeks on checkouts for most items
  • 1 week on checkouts for magazines
  • Maximum of 100 items you can checkout
  • Maximum of 10 videos you can check out
  • 3 renewals for most items
  • 1 renewal for CDs, magazines, & LINK+ items
  • No renewals for entertainment videos
  • Maximum of 10 item requests

Library Fines & Fees

On July, 1, 2016, library fines and fees were reduced to help you keep your library access. You can pay fees online when you log into your account or in person at your nearest library location.

  • Icon: 25 cents
    Daily Late Fee
    Per Item
  • Icon: 5 dollars
    Maximum Late Fee
    Per Item
  • Icon: 10 dollars
    Processing Fee for
    Lost Items

Before you pay, find a different way!

Volunteer Services Icon with hands raised and ready to volunteer

Do you have library fines you want to clear? Then just volunteer away your fines! By volunteering, you can eliminate your library fines at a rate of $20 per hour.

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