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Summer Learning is at it's end, and as a community we have read a whole lot! You've also contributed many great book reviews to our Summer Learning platform, Beanstack. This week, we are excited to share with you a few of the reviews you've contributed, and to celebrate the most logged books from Summer Learning. Congratulations to everyone that participated to achieve their reading goals!

First up in our Hall of Fame post we wanted to feature some of your fantastic book reviews from 2022. These are the books being read in your community...and what you think of them! You can add your own review for books you like on Beanstack, our Summer Learning platform, but also through our library catalog. Here are some of your reviews:


Reviews by You

The Four Winds, book cover

The Four Winds Kristin Hannah

Review by Ruby M

"The book is set in California when farmers from the Dust Bowl in Texas and Oklahoma have come to look for food when they have lost their crops and all live stock due to severe draught. This is historical fiction and has some photographs taken during that time... this might not be as powerful as Grapes of Wrath, but still an excellent read for those not knowing much about the depression era California."

Everything I Know About Love, book cover

Everything I Know About Love Dolly Alderton

Review by Ahn T.

"At first I was a little drawn back reading the book. The author’s tone and story was unfamiliar and unconventional; none of which I had read before. However as I continued reading, I started to connect with the character for her unique personality and raw honesty in her storytelling and emotions. It’s a heart-racing and emotional roller coaster ride about coming of age, a very very unique story of Dolly Alderton. I’m currently midway through the book but, shed multiple tears and outbursts of laughs, and am excited to see where it takes me through the rest of the book."

Charmed Life, book cover

Charmed Life Diana Wynne Jones

Review by Della S.

"This book is so cool. It's the 4th book I read by DWJ and I think it might be one of my favorites...I'm very happy to have read this book, it's been a while since I've consumed a book so hungrily. I finished this books in 2 days. I even stayed up until 2am! If you like stories that have enchanters, siblings, mystery, and a multiverse, this is the book for you."

Most Logged Books

I am sure it will come as no surprise to many of you to see the Harry Potter series continues to hold it's place in the Summer Learning Hall of Fame. Since 1997 Harry Potter has been spreading magic and whimsy to readers of all ages - it was and still is an unprecedented literary phenomenon, never before in the history of literature have so many people read the same fictitious novel. It is no wonder either, as these books have now been translated into more than 80 different languages (we don't have all 80 but we have a few) and illustrated versions.

You can also check out related books below and of course, there are the movies:

Further Favorites

There were a number of other series that captivated our community this summer, it's no surprise that the Percy Jackson & The Olympians books, The Land of Stories, Wings of Fire, and Warriors series held their own as popular fantasy titles amongst readers, but not everyone escaped into magical tales this summer. Funny series such as Dog Man, Elephant and Piggie, and The Magic School Bus were very popular and deserve their place in our Hall of Fame. Check below for some additional hall of fame titles logged by different age groups.


However you read and participated in Summer Learning this year, we at the San Jose Public Library are proud of your initiative and thankful for the support of our community. We hope that you continue to read throughout the year. Unsure of what to read next? If you're looking for a new book to read you can try our reader's advisory service, 5forU, browse our Staff Picks booklists, and of course keep your eyes peeled for fun virtual programs and new events.

We hope you had fun reading with the library this Summer, and we look forward to reading and learning with you again soon!

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