Celebrate Every Day Like It’s Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day!

Discover more about the Earth with free resources at the San José Public Library:

Gale Interactive Science: Use this Virtual Lab for Middle and High Schoolers to investigate volcanoes, caves, and the layers of the Earth. 

Check out a DIY Home Energy Savings Kit: This no-cost kit contains devices that will help you easily reduce energy and water use, saving you money on your utility bills. Users can expect to save, on average, $200 per year after installing the DIY Toolkit's equipment.

EBSCO Reference Center: Hobbies and Crafts: Learn more about gardening and other sustainable hobbies!

Attend an Earth Day Program

San José Public Library is offering a number of Earth Day programs on and around April 22, including crafts, recycling-themed storytimes, gardening programs and more.

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Find Seeds at Your Local Seed Library

San José Public Library's Seed Libraries offer seeds to the public for free. Seed libraries were created in response to a growing need in the community for locally adapted seeds. Seed libraries also help with climate change, loss of seed integrity, and to preserve genetic diversity.

You can help our community build a sustainable food network. Visit one of our seed libraries: Take, donate, and return seeds.

Find Your Local Seed Library

Revisit Silicon Valley Reads for Sustainable Inspiration

Silicon Valley Reads is a community engagement program with an annual theme with accompanying books and events. The 2024 theme was "A Greener Tomorrow Starts Today” and although the official program may have come to an end, you can still learn about community resilience in the face of environmental change through the books selected for this program listed below and by watching the recorded Silicon Valley Reads author talks.

Featured Books

All We Can Save

One Green Thing

The Light Pirate

To Change A Planet

The Forest Man

Two Degrees

Don't Call Me A Hurricane