Summer Learning: Book Reviews

Summer Learning keeps moving forward, and we are here to help inspire your reading and learning this summer. If you haven't already, you should sign up for Summer Learning to log your reading and win prizes. Make sure to check out some of the themed booklists. This week, hear what your fellow summer readers have been diving into. These book reviews may give you some great ideas about what to read next.

Summer Reading Book Reviews

 The Mermaid Princesses, book cover

The Mermaid Princesses by Maya Cameron-Gordon

Willow, age 3.5

"I really love mermaids princesses. I loved seeing underwater castle and  library because I never saw that.”

Oso en Bicicleta, book cover

Oso en Bicicleta by Stella Blackstone

Naydelin, age 5

"Este libro es divertido abla de que si usas la imaginación puedes bajar a diferentes lugares inmaginando."

 Libby Loves Science Mix and Measure, book cover

Libby Loves Science Mix and Measure by Cameron-Gordon

Jadzia, age 5.5

"I like the book because I love a puppy party.?"

Everybody! You, Me & Us, book cover

Everybody! You, Me & Us by Elise Gravel

Theodora, age 6

"I like this book because the monsters in this book are so funny looking."

I Am Going! An Elephant & Piggie Book, book cover

I Am Going! An Elephant & Piggie Book by Mo Willems

Kellan, age 7

"It was pretty funny, and I liked the picnic part because it looks super yummy. I feel very hungry when I look at the picture."

The Incredible Book Eating Boy, book cover

The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers

Laney, age 7.5

"I think it's really funny. My favorite part is when he ate 3 books all at once."

The School for Good and Evil, book cover

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Madeline, age 8

"This is an awesome book! This book tells the story about two girls who are best friends and both are chosen to go to the school for good and evil. Both think they know where they belong, but they are switched in to opposite schools. Filled with romance and makes you want to turn the page to see what happens next. It is a real page turner!? ❤️"

The Tower of Time, book cover

The Tower of Time by Lincoln Pierce

Faizan, age 9

"I loved It! it was truly spectacular. No one could ever be a better author than Lincoln Pierce. He is the best of our generation.?"

Keep It Together Keiko Carter, book cover

Keep It Together Keiko Carter by Debbi Michiko Florence

Ali, age 10

"I loved this book. I picked it because I thought it would be sweet, and I was right! It makes you smile but isn't too gooey. I am amazed by how amazing this book was, and I don't even like middle school dramas! I love how Keiko fantasizes about first kisses, crushes and --ooh!-- the Fall Ball! But as for the surprise at the ending, I am really good at book reading/interpreting (and I don't mean actual reading though I am good at that I mean telling what's going to happen later on) and I totally expected that, I mean Conner shows up at-- oops!, I've said too much, but anyway, so far, Keep It Together Keiko Carter has been my absolute favorite book so far, and nothing could ever compare to it. ? (By the way if you liked this book I SO recommend The Science Of Breakable Things by Tae Keller)."

Warriors. Winds of Change, book cover

Warriors. Winds of Change by Erin Hunter

Amber, age 11

"I think this book was Excellent and deserves 5 stars because in the story it shows that Mudclaw the deputy of Windclan has doubts about other clans and doesn't trust them. But later on he learns from his mistakes and realizes that he shouldn't have had doubts. This story shows that it is never to late to make a change no matter how bad you messed up and that mistakes can help you learn."

King of Scars, book cover

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Keya, age 12

"This was a truly beautifully crafted book. The world created in this book is so amazing! Each page really drew me into the story and gave me an exciting and suspenseful feeling. I very highly recommend this book for people who love high fantasy."

Unplugged, book cover

Unplugged by Gordon Korman

Darshsai, age 13

"The book is an insight into the character development of a kid named Jett Baranov (with the extra t for trouble) and how he changes from being impulsive to strategic. This book is also highly entertaining and highlights the importance of teamwork friendships and doing the right thing. This is actually done in a non-corny way and has a very interesting climax. The characters are relatable and are very realistic rather than other books which are not."

We Have Always Lived in the Castle, book cover

We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

Neha, age 18+

"This exceptional piece of literature can be described as a work of genius. Despite its brevity and concise writing style, the book's words are so vivid and precise that they create a deeper and more nuanced experience compared to many lengthy and well-regarded novels. It captivated me to such an extent that I regret not having read it much earlier, and yet it feels strangely familiar, like a haunting folk story or a hauntingly vivid dream from my childhood. Remarkably, despite its somber tone, it ultimately embodies a sense of humor that is both dark and profound, transcending ordinary comedy."

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