Students: Library eResources for YOU!

UPDATED:  April 24, 2024

Students, you also have access to Library resources that include:

  • Student Library Card
  • Access eResources to help with your homework.
  • Homework help and the Library's Virtual Homework Help
  • Test Prep

Let's look at each of these resources, located under Student Help.

Student Library Card

Your school district may provide you with a Student Library Card!

Here are the benefits of having a Student Library Card:

We have usage policies for the Student Library Card:

  • Parents or family members may not use the San José Student Library Card to check out materials for their own use.
  • Parents who wish to opt out of the San José Student Library Card should contact their school.
  • The San José Student Library Card will expire when the student graduates or leaves the district.

Any questions, check our FAQs.

Homework Help

You can access Library-paid-for databases.  There is an important difference between research that you do with Google and research that you do with the Library's databases.  Library databases are authoritative and verifiable.  Information from Google may be false or misleading.

Here is a list of the different areas in our Homework Help area:

  • Articles (including San Jose Mercury News, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.)
  • College and Career
  • General Reference
  • History and Biography
  • Language Learning
  • Reading and Literature
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Test Prep and Online Learning

Most require access with a library card.  You can use your Student Library Card or your regular Library Card.

Homework Clubs

See Homework Club Events for more information.

Get homework help from a live certified tutor or use study guides, worksheets, and tutorials on common subjects, and various state standardized tests. For elementary through college age students.

Test Prep

These databases will help you with standardized tests or school examinations.

Wi-Fi Hotspots for San Jose Students

  • K-12 students are eligible. Please note that this year, there is a 3 month checkout limit and is not year-long.
  • Device information: unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, 15 device connection, filtered, set-up guide provided in Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Tagalog, in addition to English.
  • FREE
  • Privacy: Library will only know if the device is activated if it is used in California.

From our website, here is what you can do if you have technical issues with an SJ Access hotspot device:

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!