Be a Community Helper at Cambrian Library!

Cambrian Library has many opportunities for you to engage with the Library or other community members!

Whether you are posting answers to our polls, ASK 4 displays, book reviews, or interacting via our passive adult crafts, you have an opportunity to make your voice heard at Cambrian Library.

Let's check out the kinds of ways that the community may become engaged with the Cambrian Library and its Staff.

Community Engagement with Adults

Adults can be involved in library operations by signing up to be a volunteer.  Volunteers may sign up for Friends of the Cambrian Library, Reading to Children (we still have openings on Thursday or Friday,) or leading a program.  For instance, one of our wonderful volunteers leads the Wednesday Craftravaganza and the new Bad Art for Adults program.

If you prefer a more casual engagement with the Library, consider answering the ASK 4 questions, which are conveniently displayed in two locations:  by the Holds Area and by the top of the stairs.

These are the questions you may answer:

  1. What kind of community do you want to live in?
  2. How is that different from what you see now?
  3. How could the library help create the kind of community you want? (If you have ideas or suggestions for specific library programs or services, please include them here.)
  4. Any additional comments or how might the library best serve the community?

If you like answering and comparing answers to other members of the community, you may try answering one or both of the two polls at Cambrian Library.  For instance, in April, you can let other people in the community know whether you have a drought-resistant garden or not and/or what is your favorite poem or jazz song?  In February, a question about the community's favorite chocolate filled up the polling board!

Finally, another way to engage with others in the community is to supply the Library with a book review (suitable for all audiences, please.)  Once approved, your book review will be placed near the book you  have reviewed.  As a book lover, this is a great way to engage with other readers in the community!

Community Engagement with Teens

Teens can also volunteer in Cambrian's Teens Reach to meet other similar-minded teens.

In addition, teens can meet other teens through our Library Service program, where volunteers shelve certain easy to shelve childrens' material.

Fandom Swap is another way for teens to meet other teens who are fans of various fandoms.  Visit on the third Sunday of each month from 2-4pm!

Finally, teens can also submit program proposals.  As an example, we have teens who have come up with their own programs like BollyBe Bollywood Aerobics for Kids!

Community Engagement with Children

Children have been participating in a monthly Scavenger Hunt prepared by Ms. Thu for over a year now.  

In the Scavenger Hunt, children are encouraged to find the missing items (usually related to our mascot Gerald the Giraffe.)  Upon completion, children earn 2 stickers.

Children love this program so much that they often ask if the Scavenger Hunt could be "changed every 3 days!"  Ms. Thus says this will continue to be a monthly activity.

Children have made friends on their search for the missing items!  

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below!