SJPL Picks Recommendation News: August 2023

Welcome, or welcome back, to SJPL's Rec News, an occasional publication featuring recreational and recommended reading from our SJPL Librarians. I hope you've been enjoying sunshine and Summer, and plenty of reading. It has been a long couple months since Rec News last landed due to the awesome recommendations for Summer Learning, where they had weekly suggestions to fuel your "to read" lists. We're relaunching Rec News in the midst of back-to-school season, but not all the lists here are school themed. Let's check out some back to school reads for kids, as well as explore different themes and genres for teens and adults.

Kids Picks: Back to School

This is School, book cover
 How to Be Kind in Kindergarten, book cover
Kindergarten Hat, book cover
 Preschool, Here I Come!, book cover

As promised, for the youngest readers in our community, we have a variety of picture books on starting or going back to school. The beginning of the school year is naturally one full of different feelings. There are students starting a school experience for the very first time, and those looking forward to seeing all their friends from last year. The books on these lists are geared towards younger students, preschool and early elementary, and will feature age-appropriate lessons for children transitioning to a school environment for the first time, as well as those reluctant to say goodbye to Summer to return to the classroom.

Teen & YA Picks for ARR-gust

The Wicked Bargain, book cover
The Sea Knows My Name, book cover
Kemosha of the Caribbean, book cover
In Deeper Waters, book cover

Hop aboard, YA readers, because August is International Pirate Month, or alternatively, ARR-gust! While not all the books above will feature swashbucklers and scallywags, they will all have a journey over sea.

Capers & Heists for Adults

 The House Keepers, book cover
Swamp Story, book cover
The Monsters We Defy, book cover
Barn 8, book cover

OK, so this one isn't really in line with any celebrations- it's purely for fun. Calling all Oceans Eleven fans, this booklist features stories of capers and heists of all kinds, from historical heists of jewels and secrets, to contemporary capers in chicken coops. If you care to read along with this librarian, I'm currently conniving with Mrs. King in The House Keepers.

SJPL Picks: Quick Links

If this month's featured reads aren't quite what you're in the mood for, or you're looking to expand your browsing further, try checking out any and all of the lists from our librarians on our SJPL Picks team. All our lists will be labeled "SJPL Picks" or "SJPL Recommends".

SJPL 5forU

If you're looking for further recommendations and aren't in the mood to browse, let us do the browsing for you! San José Public Library's 5forU team offers personalized recommendations via email. You can also fill in the profile on someone else's behalf and we can find just the right titles - perfect for caregivers looking to recommend books to their children, for book clubs stumped on what to discuss next meeting, or if you're hoping to give the gift of literature. Just fill in the profile and we'll do the rest - and remember, the more information you give us in the profile, the better and more tailored your recommendations will be! Hearing exactly why you love or hate a book gives us more clues to find your new favorite- it just so happens to be what we love to talk about, too, so don't hold back. Requests will be answered within 5 business days. Ready to begin your 5forU journey? Start your 5forU request!