Important Update: SJ Access Hotspot Program Ending

Update to SJ Access Circulating Hotspot and Chromebook Program

On Thursday, August 1, 2024, the SJ Access Circulating Hotspot program will end. Beginning July 8, 2024, all existing hotspot holds will be canceled, and hotspots will no longer be able to be requestable.

Additionally, the mobile data plans on all SJ Access Chromebooks will be discontinued as of July 16, 2024. The Library will still offer Chromebooks for checkout, but the device will need to be connected to Wi-Fi to access the internet.

Throughout July, we will send multiple reminders that this service is ending. You will receive information about the change through email, social media, and our library website.

Impact of SJ Access

The hotspot lending program began in August 2020. It was made possible through special funding to help residents during the pandemic. This program was extended by two years, thanks to San José Public Library (SJPL) securing $9.5 million from the federal Emergency Connectivity Fund, but these funds have now run out. The new budget for 2024–2025 doesn't include money to continue the program.

The AT&T hotspots provided through the program were high-quality and offered unlimited data for up to 15 devices. These hotspots connected over 100,000 people to the internet from August 2020 to June 2024. While we've worked hard to make hotspots available, we know that a wired internet connection at home provides the best quality service.

How You Can Continue to Find Fast and Free Wi-Fi

Please read our FAQ for information on fast, free Wi-Fi options and devices available at our library branches. It also includes details on accessing free and low-cost internet subscriptions for eligible individuals and a list of community-based organizations that can help you sign up for internet service.

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