eSpotlight Alert – New Hold Delivery System on OverDrive & Libby

What's are Hold Suspensions?

Have you ever put a few books (or audiobooks) on hold and checked out more books in the meantime, only to have all of your holds come in at once? The San José Public Library offers hold suspensions on our physical items so you can juggle your TBR (to be read) list before your holds are delivered. This helps you make sure you have plenty of time to read your books.

You may not have realized this, but OverDrive allows you to do the same thing with eBooks and eAudiobooks. While waiting for your title, you can enter your OverDrive & Libby account and choose a new time for the hold to be delivered while keeping your place in line. Now, OverDrive will also allow you to redeliver your holds after they become available to you.

What is OverDrive/Libby Changing?

Please see OverDrive's Hold Redelivery website for a complete description of changes.

Previously, OverDrive (who runs both the OverDrive & Libby platforms) would automatically checkout the next available copy of an eBook or eAudiobook title to your account when you were first in line for a hold. The 21-day checkout period would begin from this point.

Now, OverDrive has just switched to a system where titles are not automatically checked out. They will be available for you to checkout for 3 days and will require logging into your account or using the OverDrive/Libby app to do so.

During this 3-day period, you can decide whether or not you are ready to read the item out. If you are not ready, you can delay the checkout using Hold Redlivery.

Have a TBR list a mile long and know you won't have time to read or listen to the title before the 3 weeks is up? You can set your own date to receive the hold again and stay first in line. When the new date to receive the item comes around, you'll receive the next available copy.This new service is known as Hold Redelivery.

If you do not do anything during this 3-day period, OverDrive will suspend the hold automatically for 7 days. When the 7 days pass and you receive the next available copy, you will have another 3 days to choose whether you'd like to check out the item or have it redelivered.

Note: If you choose to do nothing for a second time, the hold will disappear from your account and you will need to place a new hold on the item if you would like to check it out if there is a queue.

How will I know when my holds are available?

You will receive a notification in your Libby app, your OverDrive app, and your online account when you log in using your browser.

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