SJ Access: Digital Skill & Tech Devices

Important Update: On August 1, 2024, SJ Access Hotspots and 4G Data on Chromebooks will be discontinued. Learn more here.>

SJ Access: Digital Skills & Tech Devices

SJ Access provides residents and students access to all things digital:


Free Wi-Fi at the library and in the community

Free Wi-Fi

Access free Wi-Fi (wifi) at our libraries or connect to Community Wi-Fi in Downtown or select East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) attendance areas.

Tech Devices

Borrow a Chromebook, iPad, or laptop.

Borrow a Chromebook

You can check out a Chromebook. A Chromebook functions like a laptop and runs on the Google operating system, Chrome OS. Chromebooks need to be connected to Wi-Fi to access the internet.

Borrow an iPad

You can check out an iPad. iPads are tablets. Tablet computers—or tablets—are handheld computers that are even more portable than laptops. Tablets use a touch-sensitive screen for typing and navigation.

Although you can just use the touchscreen keyboard, our iPads come with an attachable keyboard.

Borrow a Laptop

Check out a laptop. Laptops are battery-powered computers that are more portable than desktop computers. This means you can use them almost anywhere. These Windows laptops come with a charger.

Classes & Tech Support

Build your digital skills with classes, tech support, and more.

Learn Computer and Digital Skills

Learn how to use digital devices by participating in our digital skill building programming. These classes walk users through the basics of digital devices, online safety, user privacy, and how to access other online programs and services. Workshops are available in English, Español, and Tiếng Việt.

Digital Skill Building Pathways

Learn and practice digital skills at your own pace with our online lessons. Learners can make their way through their choice of topics including using a computer or smartphone, setting up an email account, using Word or Google Drive, and much more.

Tech Support

Library staff and volunteers are available to help you with tech questions during computer assistance sessions.

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