Ready 4 Kindergarten

Caregivers of children 0–8 are invited to join Ready 4 Kindergarten (Ready4K), a research-backed text messaging service available at no cost through the San José Public Library.

Sign Up for Ready4K

Each week, you will receive three text messages with information specifically designed for the child's stage of development to help them learn and grow. These bite-sized tips and delightful facts provide an enjoyable way to prepare your little ones for the exciting world of kindergarten!

Managing the care of multiple children? No problem! You can sign up to receive texts tailored to each child's age, ensuring that every little learner receives the attention they deserve!

Why You Should Join

You can help to better prepare your children for kindergarten. Some examples of important skills children should learn before attending kindergarten are:

  • Saying the alphabet
  • Counting to 10
  • Holding a pencil

Ready4K can assist you in preparing your children with skills to help them excel!

How to Sign Up

Caregivers can opt in by texting 'SJPL' to 70138 and answering a few short questions or completing the online form.

Ready4K is offered in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

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