YA Friday: Little Women as Modern Teens

Little Women

I am so excited about the new Little Women movie. Little Women was one of my favorite books growing up, and it was recommended to me by my elementary school librarian.  The first time I read the book was when I brought it with me to the Philippines to visit family; there weren't any kids my age at that time, so I read and re-read that book during all the down time.  It is amazing that books can reach so many people of so many different backgrounds.

Anyway, with the new movie coming out, I started thinking about what the March sisters would be like if they were teens today, and what books would be on their bookshelves.  Let me know what books you would add to their shelves in the comments!

The March Sisters as Modern Teens

Meg, 17

Meg as a modern teen would be a popular, straight A student that didn't get into much trouble.  As the oldest, she'd also thinking about college and life after high school.  In her free time she'd watch food channels on YouTube and try to recreate the recipes at home for her family.  The March family doesn't have a lot of money for new clothes, so she would be great at going to thrift stores and turning her finds into fashionable outfits.  Meg would love romance novels.  For the complete list, see Meg March's Bookshelf (If She Were a Modern Teen).

Lovely War, book cover
Somewhere Only We Know, book cover
Kawaii Sweet World, book cover
the fountains of Silence, book cover
Admit One, book cover

Jo, 16

Jo would be writing fanfiction for her favorite books and tv shows.  Jo has a temper which can get her in trouble, but she is working on keeping her temper in check.  She'd channel her competitive nature by running track and playing Fortnite with Laurie.  Jo would read voraciously, but she'd especially love adventure, fantasy and everything with a strong female lead.  For the complete list see Jo March's Bookshelf (If She Were a Modern Teen).

Slayer, book cover
Children of Blood and Bone, book cover
The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy, book cover
Dear Ally, How DO You Write a Book, book cover
The Diviners, book cover

Beth, 14

Beth would be shy in person, but would champion equal rights and stand up for others as she was always willing to help people in the books.  Her dream would be to be a doctor, and she'd love cats and all things kawaii.  In her free time, she'd practice the piano and make small crafts to decorate her room and give as gifts.  She'd have a blog where she'd share her crafts and interact with people outside her small family and neighborhood circle. Beth would read a little of everything, but especially love craft books.  For the complete list see Beth March's Bookshelf (If She Were a Modern Teen)

The Sight, book cover
Kawaii Craft Life, book cover
Ghosts, book cover
I am Malala, book cover
Symptoms of a Heartbreak, book cover

Amy, 13

Amy would be on social media all the time.  As an artist, she would definitely be showcasing her work on Instagram and have tons of artsy selfies.  She'd be a huge fan of James Charles, an watch tons of beauty and drama channels.  Amy would aspire to have her own beauty channel on YouTube and be an influencer.  Amy would read about art and travel, and would want to seem worldly and grown up in her book choices.  For the complete list, see Amy March's Bookshelf (If She Were a Modern Teen)

InstaStyle, book cover
Beauty From the Inside Out, book cover
The Boy Next Door, book cover
Vincent and Theo, book cover
500 eye makeup designs, book cover