The Physical Therapy Journey

Physical Therapy

I have been treating an injury since 2020, searching for the right therapy that helps my injury. In the process of rehabbing my injury, I've had reservations on pursuing specific physical therapy. Experiencing different types of physical therapy gave me a better understanding of my body. You read good and bad information online about PT. Make sure the treatment facility is rehab-oriented. Rehab is a bit gentler. Getting a massage or acupuncture at just any place does not help injuries. Rehab facilities focus on helping the injury.

I hope this information will inspire you to proceed in your PT journey.

*** The following information is shared information from my experiences. I am not a medical professional. Please consult with your medical provider(s).


Needles placed on parts of your body can make anyone weary. But pain should not be an issue when preformed by a professional. The needles slightly nick. They are small and fine, not like blood-withdrawal needles. I slept during some sessions with many needles on my body. During one session, 30+ needles were placed on me because of injury inflammation. I felt the needles when placed but no pain during the wait. The doctor I saw was great and easy to trust with their expertise.

It took time to find the right location to help my injury. Nerves and pain will move as your sessions progress. I recall a few times needing to call the doctor back because a nerve had moved. The needle was adjusted or removed. More sessions allow the therapist to understand a patient's pain to better assist injury improvement. I started with distal acupuncture and later found local acupuncture worked best. By the last set of sessions we were able to focus on the sections that worked to help injury pain.


This is a massage focused on the fascia tissue. Myofascial massage works great with pain management and inflammation. The myofascial therapy alleviated pain and inflammation to my injury. I was very happy with my therapist's immense knowledge - she understood how my body worked and helped my inflammation/pain and gave movement in my injury. This therapy made my foot more mobile and gave a positive mindset on how my injury is getting better.

My Myofascial professional says you must continue to do physical therapy at home for prevention. Do not wait until you begin to experience pain. Strengthening exercises help your body become stronger. Stretching exercises that are gentle enough help without making areas uncomfortable. Make sure the sensations experienced are not re-injury pain.


In my first set of 6 sessions, I experienced little results. I thought I would see major results sooner. I experienced some soreness like a new workout, some tightness and new sensations. My chiropractor gave a gentle adjust, performed with an activator - a small tool, which slowly adjusts sections of the body. This may take longer to see results.

I would like to pair chiropractic with myofascial massage therapy. This may help allow the tightness to release and allow more movement for the chiropractor to re-adjust.

Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy is low impact and great for fresh injuries. It allows your body to strengthen and still give some resistance. It can be used for a variety of injuries to help alleviate unwanted pressure on the injury.

Recovery and Mental Wellness

Seek out other therapies to better help your overall recovery. Check with your medical provider for free therapy sessions. Injuries pausing your everyday activities and other outdoor adventures you've enjoyed in the past may cause depression. Speak with family or friends or write experiences you may have in a journal. There are many ways to process your thoughts.

You will get better in time, and you need to do the work to help your body get to where it wants to be.

Recovery and Nutrition

Physical Therapy begins with your food intake. Foods that are less processed and "clean" likely to cause inflammation in the body will help PT tremendously.

Nutrition Books to Get Started

Food Pharmacy

The Hormone Balance Cookbook

Juices for Total Wellness

The Wellness Trap

Blackthorn's Botanical Wellness

Cook Smart, Eat Well

Mediterranean Instant Pot

Well + Good

The Hormone Healing Cookbook

Cannabis & CBD for Health and Wellness

Clean Cuisine

Eat Well, Be Well

The Living Well Without Lectins Cookbook

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

The Wellness Mama Cookbook

Fascial Fitness

Please check eBook versions when a book is not readily available for check out.

* The previous information is shared information from my experiences. I am not a medical professional. Please consult with your medical provider(s).