Mind, Body and Nutrition

Before focusing on my fitness journey, I made an agreement to myself: I would take care of my entire well-being. The purpose of being for me, is to feel full in all parts of life. This is of the highest importance.

When I was hiking or took care of myself physically, I felt progress. I found that my focus and energy was sustained, with little to no energy lulls. I had a clearer mind and did not overthink my nutritious choices. Mind and body were in sync. I nourished myself simpler and felt the difference. I figured out which foods helped me perform better and stay satiated longer.

I saw consistent physical benefits. I have a knack for researching. Trying out different ways of working out kept me interested. I always enjoyed testing out food recipes. I encouraged others around me to focus on their health goals. People often lose focus on the overall benefits of taking care of yourself. We tend to focus on either body or mind and see no slower results. Lacking the nutritional health and losing sight of the mental health aspect, will cause longer results. Sleeping 6+ hours helps your mental state and body recovery astronomically. I found results in my body increased when I slept more.

When you find what works for you, it can become easier to see results. Enjoy as much of the journey as you can. Remember, this is not an overnight feat. Commit to yourself to achieve greatness in its own right. Ask family and friends for their tips and learn from them. Tailor your regimen to work for you if you implement any of their tips. Don’t give up. Quickly seeing results is not possible, but you will feel a change/shift in your body.

Train your body to function the way it was built. Your body wants to be its optimal self as it was when you were young.

Remember to be kind to yourself and not compare your life to others.

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