Importance of Recovery & Wellness and Pre-Race-Day Hacks

Staying on Track for a Successful Race!

Being able to keep on track during my marathon journey has been difficult. (*Currently, recovering from a work-related injury.)

If you choose to sleep in and skip a day, that is OK. Listen to your body. Lacking sleep may cause more susceptibility to an injury. Do not feel guilty if you skip a training session. If you feel the need to work out, make it a light workout day, like a 10-15-minute walk. An injury will delay your training. Do not force yourself to run if you feel your body cannot keep up. I have seen and experienced this myself, when I started trail running. A fall can result in an injury because of fatigue/lack of sleep. This will delay your progress.

Training your body to understand different conditions will help you adapt for your race day needs. Strength training and other forms of exercise will help develop core strength. Mentality, core strength and agility are key in this sport. Endurance will develop as you train.

Learn the difference between soreness and injury. Soreness is pain/tightness in sections of your body, which will vary on your training session. Sharp/immediate pain is usually injury-based. It is crucial to understand the difference during training. Addressing or correcting training will help to prevent a possible injury, prior to resulting in one. Intuitively responding to your body's needs have helped me avoid injuries. My support team have joined me on hikes/runs. I have joined my support team by encouraging them on shorter hikes to keep them and I motivated. This can make your body continually adaptable. Becoming an affiliate with brands have also helped me stay motivated.

Keeping track with my marathon training has had it's obstacles. I am able to maintain a level of athleticism to keep momentum to my marathon journey.

Tips from My Marathon Journey

Stay hydrated always. Not just during training. This includes veggies that contain water and the least amount of processed food. You will feel a difference when training when you eat "clean". Be consistent to notice the difference in food intake. When you are not properly hydrated or lacking calories, you may experience headaches.

Network with like-minded individuals. This will help you stay motivated. Knowledge shared by experienced athletes have been extremely helpful.

Some Information Shared by Athletes

Carb load one to two days prior to the race. Carbs are not just bread and pasta (Quinoa, beans, oats, fruits, veggies and more). In addition, if this works with your body be sure to find the least amount of processed foods.

Do not allow nutritional or water depletion. You burn 300+ calories on long training days or races. Remember to intake a form of calories during a train/race. This will help filter foods or natural additives that may irritate your stomach on race day. Rule is 60-90 minutes for calorie intake/water and set a timer, do not forget. Calorie intake, depending on the training/race and weight. This may become natural later during training/race. Do not forget to stay hydrated!

We must push ourselves to accomplish our goals to the best of our abilities. Do not compare your training with others.

Rest days are Important

You are trying to get your fitness goals met but your body needs to recover. A gentle workout such as yoga, pilates, short walks/hikes or swimming may help.

You are not alone and do not need to feel that you are. Helpful tips from athletes who regularly partake in marathons and or ultras helped keep me motivated. I know with practice and patience, I will accomplish my goals.

Remember Self-care for Mind and Body

Self-care comes in many forms. If you are going to put yourself through marathons and other races and training, you will need to decompress. I set up massage sessions, especially during a longer race to help me decompress. Other days, if I feel my body needs the extra care I make sure to relax without guilt. There are therapy massage guns and other therapies such as acupuncture, myofascial, cupping, etc. I prefer different forms of massage therapy done by professionals.

Keep modifying your training and find interesting ways to train. Join a fitness meet-up group. Help others with the knowledge you have obtained. Train others with their willingness.

I never want to lose the passion of surpassing my fitness limits. Supporting local communities by visiting semi-local trail spots is a nice way to help keep trails manicured. This keeps me from losing my momentum on the harder/longer training days. Inviting family and friends to encourage them to achieve their goals motivates me to keep pushing myself.