Teachers or Educators: The Library Has Resources Just For You!


If you are a teacher or educator, there is a wealth of free resources for you to use at the library!

If you check out the Learning & Resources tab, you can click on Teachers and Educators.

Resources include:

  • signing up for unique library services for schools
  • student resources
  • online resources for teachers, including lesson plans
  • events for you or your students

Most importantly, you are eligible for an Educator Library Card, a unique library card that is only available to teachers and educators!

Educator Library Card

Follow the Educator Library Card link above, and you can immediately sign up for this unique card that you can use in addition to your regular library card.

IF you have an Educator Library Card already, please click on the button for RENEWAL instead of NEW CARD.

Generally, the application for this card differs from our regular application in that it asks for your school name and address, school-affiliated email address and for your grade or school title.

The Educator Library Card also differs from our regular card in terms of checkout period, holds limit, $0 fines and card expiration.  See below for further details from our website:

  • Who's Eligible? Adults (18+) who work for a preschool or K-12 school (public, charter, private) that is located in the city of San José.
  • What Can I Check Out? Most physical items (except Interlibrary loans and kits). eBooks and other Online Resources with the exception of Discover & Go.
  • Item Checkout Limit: 100 physical items, including up to 30 DVDs. Electronic items vary based on vendor.
  • Checkout Period: 6 weeks with 1 renewal for an additional 6 weeks (automatic renewals unless there are outstanding holds)
  • Item Holds Limit: 30 physical items. Electronic items vary based on vendor. Ask for staff assistance to request multiple copies of the same title or certain items that are normally non-requestable (such as Easy Readers).
  • Fines: There are no fines on all overdue materials, but you will be responsible for lost or damaged items. Please note that items checked out on the Educator’s Card are for use in the classroom, not for personal use.
  • Card Expiration: June 30, each year

Unique Library Services With a Sign-Up

  • Schedule a Class Visit with the Library - This year, we have added in-person class visits as an option which includes: a library tour, how to use the library, how to use their student library cards, and how to navigate the sjpl.org website.  If you prefer to visit the library virtually, you may sign up for a virtual visit in which a librarian will show your class an introduction to the Library's eResources, how to use the library, how to use their student library cards, and how to navigate the sjpl.org website.  We are more than happy to tailor your experience based upon specific interests or targeted information for your grade level.  Simply fill out the form and you will hear back from us within two weeks!  Visits may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes long.
  • Maker[Space]Ship - Our Maker[Space]Ship is basically a STEAM-based rocketship!  You and your class will be able to utilize laser cutters, robots, or microscopes. You can either request a visit for your classroom or you can propose a program that you can share with the community!  This program is funded by the San Jose Public Library Foundation.  Check out the MakerSpace Guidebook!

Lesson Plans

If you need to revitalize your lesson plans, you have access to free lesson plans on Reading and Writing.

If you need ideas for your students’ reading lists, try Novelist K-8 Plus.

You can find printable lesson plans at Scholastic Teachables.

In addition, you will find student resources on the Library's site!

Student Resources to Share

Students also have been offered a Student Library Card from the Library.  Like the Educator Library Card, there are differences:

In addition, students may click on Student Help for the following resources:

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!