Savor the Season: Winter Reading with Recipes

Holiday cookie coloring page background. Text: Winter Reading - San Jose Public Library.

Cozy Up with Winter Reading

As we embrace the charm of a California winter, especially those chilly rains, the holiday season and the onset of the 2024 New Year offers us a pause. We have the chance to indulge in nature's beauty, cherish time with loved ones, and enjoy a quiet moment with a book. If you want to squeeze just a little more out of your reading time, we recommend you participate in San José Public Library's (SJPL) Winter Reading program, active through January 7.

Everyone who registers for Winter Reading has a chance to claim a giveaway prize. If you log at least four hours or four books of total reading before the January 7, you'll earn a chance to win an exclusive grand prize. Learn more about this fun, free, all-ages program via our Winter Reading FAQs.

Not sure you have time to add another thing on your plate this season? We've got a couple of creative ideas for sneaking it in. One option is playful and available to kids. The other is delicious and available to everyone.

BINGO for Kids: A Festive Challenge for Young Readers

This season, we've introduced BINGO for Kids (0–18) as an exciting companion to Winter Reading. Complete small, festive tasks like enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate or reading a book with a festive red or green cover. If you are a kid who earns a BINGO, you can select an extra giveaway prize.

No Time for Books? Read a Recipe!

Who says reading only involves novels and stories? This winter, try out our diverse collection of recipe books. Whether you're crafting the perfect tamales, baking a golden Rosca de Reyes, stirring a comforting pot of aletria, simmering black-eyed peas and collard greens, or preparing festive dishes like ozoni, Bibingka, Puto Bumbong, holiday cookies, Bûche de Noël, latkes, doro wat, and jollof rice – every recipe you explore is a page turned in your Winter Reading adventure. Reading recipes is a delicious way to join in our Winter Reading program!

Find your next recipe in one of the following books available from SJPL, or head to your favorite SJPL location to browse their collection of cooking titles in person, to find something that suits your culinary needs.


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Share Your Winter Favorites

Have you tried any of these recipes or discovered a new favorite cookbook from our collection? Maybe you have a cherished winter reading tradition or a family recipe that's a staple during the holiday season? We invite you to share your stories, experiences, and recommendations in the comments below.

Let's learn from and inspire each other. Your insights could be the next spark for someone else!