A Community Shares Their Disability Pride

Let's celebrate October's National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

In July, the Cambrian Library's Community was asked to share how they felt that their disability makes them unique and how their disability has ended up helping them.

Below, I am sharing a Community's input about how they find pride in their disability.

Being Proud of Your Disability

  • "I am more aware of my progress reading, writing and grateful of my body (dyslexia, muscular dystrophy)"
  • "I notice the smaller details that most people miss!"
  • "Makes me unique because I tend to notice the smaller details most hearing people miss.  I'm more observant" =)
  • "I can't draw any kind of shapes.  Yet I can draw body art."
  • "I can't spell things":  (picture of well-drawn cat.)
  • "It brought me closer to my Family"-S
  • "My body reminds me to stop and take in the moment."
  • "being loud makes me UNIQUE" - J
  • "I read so much I lose sleep.  But I'm never tired.  Books are my caffeine."
  • "I eat potatoes"
  • "I am more aware of other peoples' feelings."
  • "I am exposed to quieter sounds with severe hearing loss." - P

A Community Responds to a Cry for Help

One note touched the heart of another person in the Community.  In the note, the person says,

"I have no friends and my family doesn't like me."  (Picture of a stick figure crying.)

Another community member responded with the following bit of encouragement:

"Keep looking for people who get you...it doesn't always happen when you want it to but have hope.  There are friends out there for everyone."

The Takeaway

In these contentious times, it is easy to forget that other people have feelings that can be hurt.  Please be careful what you say and how you treat other people.

Despite difficulties that may be caused by disabilities, everyone has something to share or to be proud of in their life.  We should all be proud of our accomplishments and focus on the everyday things that make us happy!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the section below!

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