Wee Play at the Library

child crouched on a carpeted floor, playing with building blocks and stickers to form different structures.

The library is excited to announce the return of play to our children's areas. Starting the week of October 9, 2022, all 25 branch libraries will introduce their Wee Play Learning Stations with new and innovative toys to encourage creativity, learning, and joy at the library.

Wee Play Learning Stations are designed to encourage creative play in children on several levels. Children will have the opportunity to develop their motor skills, self-expression, and imagination with developmentally-appropriate toys. Located in SJPL Children’s Areas, Wee Play provides access to learning-based toys and comfortable environments for parents and caregivers to play and interact with their children and other parents.

Come for a storytime and stay for the play afterwards!

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Submitted by Maya on Thu, 10/13/2022 - 2:43 PM


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Are all libraries starting this week or are some libraries starting other weeks this month?

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Hi Maya,

All libraries should have their Wee Play learning stations open this week.

Our Wee Build Play Date programs will travel from branch to branch on Sundays. Check out our events page to see when the next Wee Build Play Date will take place.

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