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Remembering Beatrice Joyce Ellington

Learn why we named a library in her honor!

East Side Revelations - Sofia Mendoza

The California Room is featuring individuals & community organizations on the East Side with a series of blogs!

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Discover the culture, history, influence, and contributions of Hispanic American champions.

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當你借出一本電子書的時候, 你將會有三種不同的選擇, 去選擇你如何去下載電子書檔案.  目前在Overdrive有3種不同的電子書檔案. 讀者可以選擇 Kindle format, 或直接在網站上看書, 還有一個選擇那就是可以下載Libby 或 Overdrive應用程式 看 Epub 的電子書. 

SJPL Works: Career and Business Help at the Library

Find out about the in-person and virtual free services at SJPL Works!


A working definition of anti-Semitism and resources to combat this scourge.