Toolkit: What is Online Privacy?

Level Up Your Privacy Today

Check out these privacy tools, apps, and resources to start managing your online activities and identities today.

To have a big impact but keep things simple, we have chosen four areas of focus:


Surveillance Self Defense

Protect yourself and your friends with this guide to privacy and security.

EFF: Who Has Your Back?

Discover who is protecting your data from government requests.

Let's Encrypt

Website owners, make visits to your site private. Switch to HTTPS for free.


Better Web Browsing

Discover which extensions/plugins you should add to your browser.


Instructions for setting your browser to HTTPS Only mode, which encrypts your communications with many major websites.

Privacy Badger*

Add-on that stops ads and other 3rd-party trackers from following you on the web.

Cover Your Tracks

Test how unique your browser is to see how easily websites can track you.


An open source privacy-oriented browser.

Firefox Focus

A dedicated privacy browser with tracking protection and content blocking.


Free software that helps you defend against network surveillance and traffic analysis.


View ratings of website terms and privacy policies.

*Warning: These types of plug-ins and features can block some web content and features that you might want to see. If a site you visit seems to be acting strangely, you might want to disable the blocker or place the site on your allow list.

Online Search


Search engine that focuses on protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding personalized search results.

Disconnect Search

Fetches results from popular search engines while preventing search sites from tracking your searches.

Messaging & Mobile


Send encrypted messages or make private phone calls for free.

Secure Messaging Scorecard

Discover which online tools and mobile apps keep your messages safer.
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