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Surveillance Self Defense – protect yourself and your friends with this guide to privacy and security.

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Who Has Your Back? – discover who is protecting your data from government requests. icon, which is a grey hand – get a list of all your accounts, matched with direct links to delete them.

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Let's Encrypt – website owners, make visits to your site private. Switch to HTTPS for free.


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Better Web Browsing – discover which extensions/plugins you should add to your browser.

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HTTPS Everwhere* – extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites.

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Privacy Badger* – add-on that stops ads and other 3rd-party trackers from following you on the web.

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Panopticlick – test how unique your browser is to see how easily websites can track you.

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Tor – free software that helps you defend against network surveillance and traffic analysis.

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TOS;DR – view ratings of website terms and privacy policies.

*Warning: These types of plug-ins can block some web content and features that you might want to see. If a site you visit seems to be acting strangely, you might want to disable the blocker or whitelist the site.

Online Search

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DuckDuckGo – search engine that focuses on protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding personalized search results.

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Disconnect Search – fetches results from popular search engines while preventing search sites from tracking your searches.

Messaging & Mobile

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Signal – send encrypted messages or make private phone calls for free with these open-source tools.

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Telegram – free messaging app with a emphasis on speed and security. Syncs across multiple devices.

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Secure Messaging Scorecard – discover which online tools and mobile apps keep your messages safer.

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Privacy Coach – add-on that helps you learn about and manage Firefox for Android privacy settings.