Book Replacement Program

Replace a Lost Book With a New One

San José Public Library (SJPL) now offers an ongoing Book Replacement Program. We will accept a new book from our book replacement list (PDF) as payment for a lost book.

You can bring a new and unused book from that list to any of our locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All SJPL cardholders can bring a new book to replace a lost book.

    Before you pay, find a different way to eliminate your fines with our fine forgiveness programs, including the Book Replacement Program.

  • Learn more about the Book Replacement Program.

  • These are that materials that are not eligible:

    • Media (DVDs, CDs, Audio Books, Kits, etc.)
    • LINK+ materials
    • ILLiad (interlibrary loan) materials
    • San José State University materials

    Learn more about the Book Replacement Program.

  • We want to help cardholders regain access to the library. It's part of our effort to reduce barriers to information and services.

    Learn more about the Book Replacement Program.

  • Volunteer Away Your Fines events have been paused, but you can volunteer virtually. Learn how children and teens under 18 can participate in Read Away Your Fines. Another option is to replace a lost book with a new one through our Book Replacement Program.

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