We Belong: Bay Area Indians Connect to Heritage

Four San Jose Public Library branches showcase photographs from We Belong, a visual exploration highlighting the different experiences of South Asian identity. The SF Bay Area is often referred to as a salad bowl when it comes to how immigrants and the children of immigrants engage and interact with American culture and society. Which parts of our cultural identity we keep and which parts we shed is not only a constant conversation topic but also a daily negotiation. We Belong explores that dynamic through portraits and interviews with Bay Area South Asians. Photographs and interviews are by CatchLight Local Fellow Sree Sripathy and produced by India Currents in collaboration with Catchlight.

Discover the Exhibit:

Almaden Branch: April 25-May 15

West Valley Branch: May 20-June 9

Village Square Branch: June 14-July 3

Evergreen Branch: July 9-July 29

We Belong was produced by India Currents in collaboration with CatchLight as part of the CatchLight Local CA Visual Desk. We Belong was made possible in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State , opens a new windowLibrary, opens a new window in partnership with the California Department of Social Services, opens a new window and the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs, opens a new window as part of the Stop the Hate, opens a new window program.