Volunteers Are the Heart of the Library

It's starting to feel more and more like November with every falling leaf. The season of gratitude has begun — and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, what better time to reflect on those that continually give through volunteerism.

Volunteering with the San José Public Library allows you to offer valuable assistance to our community members and helps us become better people. It is an opportunity to connect with a stranger and develop a solid support system which in turn:

  • Builds a stronger community
  • Can protect us against stress and depression when we're going through challenging times

Volunteering During the Holidays

Since the holidays can be a difficult time for many, the most important reason to volunteer during this time is because it can help bring some of the warmth of the holiday spirit into someone else's life.

Libraries are wonderful places with their own unique atmosphere. What our branches have in common is that they each have volunteers who aid in cultivating an institution that welcomes outsiders and asks you to sit a while (perhaps with a good book).

Our volunteers work with one mission in mind: To build their dream library filled with what they love best — and how generous of them, to share that gift with you all.

Why Volunteer at the Library?

The library serves as a hub of knowledge, a sanctuary for learning, and a place where individuals can explore new worlds through literature. Without the dedication and commitment of volunteers, it would be impossible to maintain such an invaluable resource in our community. The contributions put forth by volunteers are instrumental in ensuring that the library remains a haven for learners of all ages. From organizing materials to assisting patrons in learning a new skill, the efforts of volunteers have made it possible for everyone to access information easily. The friendly demeanor and willingness of volunteers help to create a welcoming environment where people feel comfortable seeking knowledge.

Your presence can have an immeasurable impact on the lives of library visitors. By engaging with children during storytime or providing guidance to students working on research projects, you can inspire countless individuals to develop a love of learning and libraries.

Volunteer and join a team of amazing people. Help build a stronger San José community.

Learn how to become a volunteer at San José Public Library