Sci-Fi Romance

The future of romance is here! Well, at least what romance could potentially look like as society becomes more and more advanced, to the point of space travel and androids. Relationships are always complicated, but what happens if space politics or artificial intelligence is thrown into the mix? Things becomes a lot trickier and messier.

Which makes for great reading!

Enjoy the sci-fi romantic angst!

Blasting Off

Across a Field of Starlight, book cover

Across a Field of Starlight by Blue Delliquanti

Lu and Fassen are from different worlds and separate solar systems, so when the war of Fassen's world invades Lu's peaceful home, they find themselves at the forefront of a battle they hoped would never happen.

The New World, book cover

The New World by Ales Kot

The United States of America -- after the Second Civil War. Two people meet and fall in love. One, a very orderly vegan hacker ready to make some mess. The other, a chaotic cop with a reality tv show that never stops. Head. Over. Heels. With the entire Republic of New California after them, they run.

Cosmoknights, book cover

Cosmoknights by Hannah Templar

For this ragtag band of space gays, liberation means beating the patriarchy at its own game. Pan's life used to be very small. Work in her dad's body shop, sneak out with her friend Tara to go dancing, and watch the skies for freighter ships. It didn't even matter that Tara was a princess... until one day it very much did matter, and Pan had to say goodbye forever. Years later, when a charismatic pair of off-world gladiators show up on her doorstep, she finds that life may not be as small as she thought. On the run and off the galactic grid, Pan discovers the astonishing secrets of her neo-medieval world... and the intoxicating possibility of burning it all down.

Pixels of You, book cover

Pixels of You by Ananth Hirsh

In a near future, augmentation and AI changed everything and nothing. Indira is a human girl who has been cybernetically augmented after a tragic accident, and Fawn is one of the first human-presenting AI. They have the same internship at a gallery, but neither thinks much of the other's photography. But after a huge public blowout, their mentor gives them an ultimatum: work together on a project or leave her gallery forever. Grudgingly, the two begin to collaborate, and what comes out of it is astounding and revealing for both of them. Pixels of You is about the slow transformation of a rivalry to a friendship to something more as Indira and Fawn navigate each other, the world around them--and what it means to be an artist and a person.

On a Sunbeam, book cover

On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

Interweaves the story of a crew traveling into deep space to rebuild beautiful, broken structures, with that of a pair of teen girls who meet at boarding school and fall deeply in love.

Outer Space

Always Human, book cover
Space Boy, book cover
The Infinite Loop, book cover
Wires and Nerve, book cover