Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day 6, 2023

Free Comic Book Day is here again! Each year, you are invited to discover new comics and pick up free issues from a wide variety of series and publishers. Free Comic Book Day traditionally takes place on the first Saturday of May. The organizers believe that there is a comic out there for everyone, and offer a wide range of comics that appeal to many interests and age ranges.  Many publishers participate including Marvel, DC, Image, and Boom!, and many more.

Check out this year's catalog of free comics. Titles are selected each year by a committee of comics professionals and represent and showcase the breadth and variety of the comics industry. Comics are divided into two categories: Silver and Gold. The Silver category includes independent and lesser-known works and more mainstream titles are in the Gold category. Some comics stores let you take several different comics while others will have a limit. You can find out which stores in your area are participating with the store locator. Libraries can also participate and distribute free comics, including San Jose Public Library!

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, San Jose Public Library locations will have the following free single-issue comics available!

Comics for All Ages

Comics for Teens & Adults

Additionally, here's a list of our eComics collections:

New Graphic Novels for Kids

Squished A Graphic Novel, book cover
Karen's Birthday: A Graphic Novel, book cover
Spy School the Graphic Novel, book cover
Pirates Past Noon, book cover
The Aquanaut, book cover

Graphic Novels for Teens

The Mortal Instruments, book cover
Demon in the Wood a Shadow and Bone Graphic Novel, book cover
Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron, book cover
Lore Olympus. Volume Two, book cover

Graphic Novels for Adults

The Hellbound. 2, book cover
After the Graphic Novel. Volume One, book cover
Dune the Graphic Novel. Book 2, Muad'Dib, book cover
Banksy, book cover
Brave New World, book cover