Picture Books About the December Holidays

Most libraries have a holiday picture book section for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December Holidays.

The December Holidays include books for Hanukkah (starting November 28, 2021) and Christmas.

I like to include other cultures in my December holiday read-alouds, so here are books that represent these other cultural holidays.  And I always love to include a sing-a-long!  Here are the titles, in order of occurrence.

Picture Books I Like to Read Aloud in December

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah, book cover

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah by Roth, Susan L.

Hanukkah is a "traveling" holiday that falls on the twenty-fifth day of the Jewish month of Kislev.

Roth explains in short and rhyming language all about Hanukkah.  Perfect for toddlers who will be able to enjoy the pictures and rhymes.

I have tried to find a great read-aloud for this holiday.  This book is so wonderful because of the lovely artwork and the very short rhymes on each page.

Thank you to librarian Helen Kahn, who always reads this to celebrate the holiday towards the end of the year!

Under the Bodhi Tree: a Story of the Buddha, book cover

Under the Bodhi Tree: a Story of the Buddha by Hopkinson, Deborah

Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day on December 8, when the Buddha attained enlightenment.

Picture books about Bodhi Day are very rare indeed.  This is one of the only books about this particular cultural holiday.  It is very beautifully illustrated and lyrical!  The Library has ordered this book, so it will be on our shelves soon!

One of my favorite historical fiction books for children is The Great Trouble by Hopkinson.  Hopkinson is a prolific author who likes to write books with a historical basis.  Other great picture books by this author include: Apples to Oregon and Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek.

This book is geared for preschoolers to lower elementary-aged children.

What Am I? Christmas, book cover

What Am I? Christmas by Lewis, Anne Margaret

I love lift the flap books, because the anticipation, guessing, and revelation are all so very exciting for children!

This Christmas book, with its bold and colorful illustrations, certainly doesn't disappoint.  The illustrations are large enough to be seen at the back of the room!  You will find this title with our other holiday books in J394.2663!

Of course, the children will be overjoyed at the big revelation at the end!  This author also has a popular Halloween edition.

This title is great for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!

My First Kwanzaa, book cover

My First Kwanzaa by Katz, Karen

Karen Katz is one of my favorite authors for baby and toddler picture books!

Usually including lift-the-flaps, her books are filled with large, colorful, illustrations with her signature artwork.  Like the What Am I books, children will enjoy waiting for the undercover illustration!

Kwanzaa is a fairly new holiday, started in 1966 by activist Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa is an African American celebration that celebrates the African American community on December 26.

Like many other holidays, Kwanzaa is celebrated over several days: seven.  Each day represents a principle.

Frosty the Snowman, book cover

Frosty the Snowman by Nelson, Steve and Jack Rollins

Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins artfully provide a beautiful and colorful book about the song by Burl Ives.

Sing-a-long books are wonderful for all ages!  They are perfect for Family Storytimes.

If you want to end with a bang during a holiday storytime, be sure to end with this delightful sing-a-long book!