Moody Mysteries

Winter weather is moving on and spring is coming in fast! To make the most of the remaining stormy weather, here is a rec list of moody mysteries to read while the winds are still blowing and the rain is still falling.

A List of Suspects

Bandette: Presto!, book cover

Bandette: Presto! by Paul Tobin

Bandette, costumed teen burglar and the world's greatest thief, is a thorn in the side of the police and the criminal underworld, and must try to survive when she discovers a plot against her life.

The Montague Twins: The Witch's Hand, book cover

The Montague Twins: The Witch's Hand by Nathan Page

Orphaned teens Pete and Al Montague and their adopted sister, Charlie, already known for solving mysteries in their small New England town, begin studying magic as they investigate a disappearance connected to a seventeenth-century witch.

Forest Hills Bootleg Society, book cover

Forest Hills Bootleg Society by Dave Baker

Four teenage girls start a bootleg anime distribution ring that shakes up their conservative Christian boarding school--and their friendships.

Fly By Night, book cover

Fly By Night by Tara O'Connor

Dee returns to her small hometown in New Jersey to see if she can help her father and the local police find her missing twin sister Beth, who was a leader in fighting the threat of a pipeline gutting the pinelands, but only finds more mysterious questions while discovering signs of the supernatural in the surrounding woods.

Grimoire Noir, book cover

Grimoire Noir by Vera Greentea

When his little sister is kidnapped for her magical powers, Bucky Orson goes on a strange journey to find her, uncovering his town's painful history and a conspiracy that will change it forever.

A Further List of Accomplices

Blackwater, book cover
The Butcher of Paris, book cover
Nightmare in the Savannah, book cover
The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo, book cover
Wicked Things, book cover
Through Lya's Eyes, book cover