Home & Garden Highlight: Houseplants

Written by Rebekah Gonzalez

Ficus, Dracaena, Pothos, Croton...no these aren't the names of supervillains, they are the names of popular houseplants!  Despite their nefarious sounding names, houseplants are nice to have around and surprisingly low maintenance.  In fact, with minimal attention, plants are an easy way to enrich home interiors all year long.  An artfully placed plant can brighten any room, while providing numerous health benefits such as: better air quality, improved psychological well-being, boosted immune system, and more.  While selecting the right houseplant may feel intimidating, it can be both a fun and rewarding process.

Use the recommended resources below to take the leap and become a plant parent today!

Reading Recommendations

Herbal Houseplants, book cover

Herbal Houseplants by Susan Betz

Hey, houseplant lovers: Are you ready to up your growing game? Whether your green thumb is weathered and worn or shiny and new, get ready to branch out and step into the world of growing your own herbs - indoors! There's no better place to start this adventure than with Herbal Houseplants. Inside the beautifully illustrated pages, author and expert herbalist Susan Betz lets you in on a little secret: Herbs make great houseplants. And, you don't need fancy grow lights, expensive potting soil, or high-end equipment to grow them. All you need is a sunny windowsill and the right plant. Learn which herbs perform best as houseplants, how to care for them, and even how to harvest and use your homegrown herbs for culinary creations, household cleaning products, herbal teas, handmade crafts, and more. In Herbal Houseplants you'll learn: The basics of caring for herbs indoors; How to keep indoor herbs productive and pest free; Tips for choosing the best herbs for indoor growing; Essential advice for watering, fertilizing, and harvesting; Dozens of recipes and DIY projects for enjoying your herbal harvest; How to grow exotic herbs, like patchouli, tulsi, and Corsican mint. From parsley and thyme to sage and lemongrass - and many herbs in between - tending and enjoying herbal houseplants pays big rewards for little effort.

Your Houseplant's First Year, book cover

Your Houseplant's First Year by Deborah L. Martin

Being a good plant parent doesn't mean lavishing your plant with artisanal water, the shiniest pots, or the fanciest fertilizers. It's about consistent, loving care. No matter whether you choose to bring home an easy-growing peace lily or a strong-willedfiddle-leaf fig, the friendly, expert advice packed inside these pages will help you give your plant everything it needs to thrive.

My Houseplant Changed My Life, book cover

My Houseplant Changed My Life by David Domoney

Everyday products pollute the air in our homes, and our mental well-being is threatened like never before--but help is on hand from the humble houseplant! Drawing on groundbreaking scientific research, this book reveals the 50 most life-enhancing houseplants and shows how they can actively purify the air and improve your mental well-being through their color, scent, habit, and nurturing needs. Build a thriving collection of houseplants to create a detoxifying, reenergizing environment in the home, full of opportunities for mindfulness.

Home Sweet Houseplant, book cover

Home Sweet Houseplant by Baylor Chapman

Nothing gives the homey, lived-in feel of a sunny kitchen quite like planters of fresh herbs hanging in the window . . . or makes a statement like a fish-bone cactus suspended from a repurposed birdcage stand. From the classic to the unique, a houseplant has the ability to instantly elevate the look of your home and allows you to add your own special flourish of character. But where to begin? In this curated handbook, adapted from Decorating with Plants, author Baylor Chapman guides the reader through the home, room by room, providing myriad inspirational design ideas: Place an aromatic plant like jasmine or gardenia in your entry to establish your home's "signature scent." Add a proper sense of scale to your living room with a ceiling-grazing palm. Hang a planted pendant fixture above your dining table for a striking accent that will last long after your dinner party. From air purification to pest control, there's no limit to what houseplants can do for your home-and Home Sweet Houseplant is here to show you how to add them to spaces big and small with style.

Never Put a Cactus in the Bathroom, book cover

Never Put a Cactus in the Bathroom by Emily L. Hans Hinsdale

Fuel your houseplant obsession with this beautifully illustrated room-by-room guide to bringing the outdoors inside-perfect for plant parents everywhere!

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