Free Solar Eclipse Glasses

Phases of a solar eclipse on a black background.

Giveaways: April 6–7, 2024

Safely catch a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse over San Jose with a free pair of viewing glasses! San José Public Library will give away a limited number of eclipse viewing glasses during the weekend before eclipse.

On April 8, 2024, starting at 11:07 AM, a solar eclipse will pass through North America. Although San Jose isn't in the direct path to view this eclipse in totality, you'll still enjoy about 35% of the eclipse's breathtaking spectacle—provided you have the right protection for your eyes.

How to Get Your Eclipse Viewing Glasses

  • When? Pick up your free glasses on Saturday, April 6, or Sunday, April 7, 2024—just in time for the eclipse.
  • Where? Available at all SJPL branches during our regular library operating hours.
  • Where? Available at all SJPL branches.
  • Availability? First come, first served—no reservations or appointments needed. Limit is one pair per person to ensure broad community access.
  • Safety & Celebration: We’re providing these glasses to help everyone view the eclipse safely, celebrating this celestial event as a community.

For more details on the eclipse and how to safely enjoy it, visit NASA’s website.

More Ways to Celebrate

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