Fangirls Unleashed: Santa Clara City Library Comic Con

Greetings everyone! After a summer-long hiatus, we’re back with another episode of Fangirls Unleashed. This time we’re presenting to you the Santa Clara City Library (SCCL) Comic Con. We attended it last year at their inaugural Con, and we left with it becoming one of our Top 3 favorite Comic Cons in the Bay Area. Without further ado, let us give you our Top 4 Highlights of the SCCL Comic Con!

1. Crafts

The crafts at this Con were amazing! The both of us created crafts at almost every single craft table we could find, and even then there were long lines for them.  They had crafts for children and 13 years old and over, and boy did we get crafty. Our favorite was the Make Your Own Tote Bag table, where we made Harry Potter designed tote bags. 10 points to Gryffindor if you know what spell this is.  In addition to that we made our own tiny comic book key chains, such as this Sailor Moon cover that Addie created. It was fun to tap into our inner child and we left with several great souvenirs too!

2. Panels

There were so many great panels at this event, from learning about Marvel Comics with comic book artist Ron Lim to how to tell a story without words hosted by the Walt Disney Family Museum.  Our favorite was attending the Wings 101 panel hosted by cosplayer Kohalu, which was jam packed with helpful tips on how to execute different wings from the traditional feather style to transparent fairy wings.  It definitely made Alyssa feel as if she’s one step closer to creating her dream cosplay, Hawkgirl.

3. Cosplayers

What’s a Comic Con without some cosplayers? This year SCCL had a massive amount of cosplayers, from The Stylish Geek to the 501st Legion to KaytlinCosplay! They were so unique, from Stargirl to Ms. Frizzle. Everywhere we looked, there were cosplayers getting stopped left and right for photos. If some of these people look familiar, it might be because we bumped into them at previous Cons such as Silicon Valley Comic Con and Fanime. Cosplayers Unite!

4. It’s a Library

What actually sets this Comic Con apart from other Cons that we have attended is that it’s not in your typical Convention Center. It’s set in an actual library! That means that there’s free parking AND admission, and you can definitely see how the local community comes together during these events. Plus the smaller venue means that we’re not rushing from panels across the building and arriving late. Reason #99 why libraries are awesome.

That’s a wrap everyone! We hope you discovered another Comic Con in the Bay Area for you to attend. We had so much fun and we’re definitely coming back next year. Stay tuned for a couple of blogs in the future, where we’ll be giving you some YA Book Covers Cosplay just in time for Halloween and once again attending the Heroes and Villians FanFest in December. If you want more Fangirls Unleashed in your life, you can follow us on our Social Media accounts below to see #WhatsNewAtTheLibrary for new YA books and our latest convention adventure. Until next time, happy readings bookworms!

Fun Fact

Did you know that this was our first Comic Con where we were officially invited as Guests? The both of us were invited as Guest Bloggers and Alyssa was invited as a Guest Cosplayer. We mix, we mingled, and we left feeling proud to be library workers of the San Jose Public Library. A very special thanks to the Santa Clara City Library for inviting us. We’ll see you next year!

Who Are We?

Addie and Alyssa are the duo behind Fangirls Unleashed, San Jose Public Library workers and bloggers. Our mission is to show people what’s trending in the young adult and geeky world and how to explore those interest through San José Public Library. Follow us on social media to see #What'sNewAtTheLibrary and our latest convention adventure.

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This blog post has been a collaboration between Adilene Rogers and Alyssa Mendoza.