Fangirls Unleashed: Fanimecon 2019

We're mixing it up, and going in-depth on Fanimecon's 2019 artsy side with exclusive interviews with Bay Area artists and cosplayers!

Welcome to another edition of Fangirls Unleashed! Since this year's Fanime has been canceled due to Covid-19, we're reminiscing about con life with this never published vlog from last year. In this episode we're changing up our usual con format as we explore Fanimecon 2019 by focusing on the cosplayers and artists. 2019 marks the Silver Anniversary of Fanime, celebrating 25 years of this amazing con created for fans, by fans. In addition to the highlights, we'll be showing you show how to explore those avenues through our amazing San Jose Public Library for FREE! Are you ready to be inspired? Read on for our top creative highlights of Fanime!

Artists in Artist Alley

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is the busiest highlight of Fanime by far. Artists from all over the country come to showcase their best original and fan art from your favorite animes and mangas, such as My Hero Academia or Tokyo Ghoul.

We've also had a chance to conduct exclusive interviews with several artists, such as RJ Palmer and Jessie Samson.

RJ Palmer is the concept artist for the Detective Pikachu movie, and a long-time attendee of Fanime. A Bay Area native, his realistic renditions of Pokemon caught the attention of the film's production designer. RJ was gracious enough to allow us to interview him, and we learned a few fun facts about him. My favorites? That he's Team Instinct against my Team Mystic on Pokemon Go and how his love of scales and horns is clearly reflected in his work. He also gave great advice to aspiring graphic novelists, a perfect fit for our 11th Graphic Novel Making Contest. Did we also mention that he was one of the guest speakers at the Award Ceremony? You can check out his full interview in the video down below.

Another interview that we were able to secure was with Jessie Samson, an animator at Gabbie Gallery. Another Bay Area local, he showcased his favorite pieces and shared some really great advice for anyone starting out in the art world.
Cosplayers at Fanime.


One of Fanime's strongest features is it's cosplayers. Both featured guests and attendees showed off their skills in full force. Alyssa joined in on the fun by cosplaying an Minun from Pokemon.

We were able to get an exclusive interview with Team Sunrise, who cosplayed as all seven Hokages from the Naruto series. They revealed their cosplay techniques such as what materials they've used, and also why they choose that specific Hokage.

Did we also mention that Fanime has cosplay gatherings? They have everything from Tokyo Ghoul to Disney. This gives fellow cosplayers a chance to mix and mingle with other cosplayers in their fandom while also being professionally photographed from a variety of medias present.

That wraps up Fanime 2019! What was your favorite part of the vlog and are you planning on attending in the future? Comment below your thoughts. I hope you've enjoyed this episode of Fangirls Unleashed and we'll see you next time!

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