Fangirls Unleashed: 5 Easy DIY YA Halloween Costumes

From dystopia's iconic ladies to a certain naughty color, we've got you covered in these low-to-no cost Halloween costumes.

Fangirls and fanboys, welcome to Fangirls Unleashed: Halloween Edition! We have round up a few of the most popular DIY Halloween costumes based on your favorite YA novels. From dystopia's favorite tribute to the world's beloved wizard, we have it all for you.

The best part about these DIY costumes is that most of them might be in your closet, making these costumes not only awesome, but awesomely cheap. We also threw in a bonus costume that is not only absolutely free, but it's downright hilarious and sure to be a hit at your upcoming Halloween parties. So grab your pumpkin spiced lattes or Alyssa's yearly salted caramel mocha obsession, and let these ideas be your next Halloween costume!

5 DIY Costumes

1. Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Game's fiercest tribute got her start hunting in the woods decked out in green pants, black top, signature side braid, brown boots and matching jacket. Add a bow and arrow and you complete this dystopian darling. Peeta not included.

2. Clary Fray

The Mortal Instrument's City of Bone's female Shadowhunter is outfitted in all black and covered in runes made courtesy of Addie's artistic skill and Alyssa's gel eyeliner. What's a Shadowhunter you ask? Oh, you poor mundane.

3. A Hogwarts Student

Harry Potter contains the world's most beloved students and with the color tie of your choice, you can belong to any house from Gryffindor's red and gold, or shown here in green and black for Slytherin. All you need is a white button up shirt, black skirt, a makeshift wand, and tall black boots. Once you receive your Hogwarts letter in the mail, don't forget, it's LeviOsa, not LeviosA!

4. Tris Prior

Divergent's bravest initiate is a carbon copy of Clary Fray with a few changes. Pull your hair into a messy ponytail, add a few bruises with purple face paint, swap out the runes for Tris's signature three birds tattoo, and start calling yourself Dauntless.

Bonus Outfit!

Even though this costume is a far cry from the YA genre ( we're talking great-grandma's-third-cousin-twiced-removed far on the family tree of literary genres), this costume was absolutely free and would be the hit at all the Halloween parties you'll attend. Bookworms, we give you....

5. 50 Shades of Grey-Literally

All you need is an all black outfit, a trip to any hardware store's paint section, grab a few FREE samples of gray paint chips, tape them to yourself and you're done! You got yourself a costume that is cheap, hilarious AND pain free!

More DIY Costume Ideas

If you're wanting more DIY YA Halloween costume ideas, check out YouTube's jessiepaege video. She covers them all to an enthusiastic fangirl to the loathsome Professor Umbridge.

Coming Up

Thank you for joining us on our special Halloween Edition of Fangirl's Unleashed! We have a few blog posts coming up the next few months, so stay tune for those. If you end up dressing as one of these characters that we mentioned, post it up! Whatever social media outlet you use, use the hashtags #sjpl or #fangirlsunleashed and we would love to see your creations! Until next time, happy reading bookworm!

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