eSpotlight – Did you know… You Can Take Charge of Your Privacy? Part Three

Welcome back to part three of our series!


Hoopla is a great place to get eBooks, eAudiobooks, streaming/downloadable movies and music, and comics!  There is a history feature that you can control either by removing selected items or by setting to not collect at all.  Check out this video for more.  The website, Android app, and iOS app all work a tiny bit differently, so we're demonstrating them all.

First, in the iOS and Android Apps:

The Hoopla Website:


ABCmouse makes learning enjoyable and helps parents to assess their child's school readiness. It is available in the library on the internet computers and at home as a four week checkout.  When you're in the library you don't have to login at all -- just start learning!  At home access collects a bit more information about you and your child because it does an assessment of your child's progress over the course of your four weeks.  ABCmouse collects your child's first name, age, and gender.  If you feel more comfortable, you can always create an alias for your child!  The most important thing is to be comfortable and safe, and to have fun.

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Keep in mind that you ALWAYS control the amount of information you share and that you allow vendors to collect.  If you aren't sure what they collect, go ahead and ask us!  We want you to feel secure when you use the eResources that we offer.

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