Celebrate Garfield Day!

Grab a snack and celebrate Garfield's Birthday!

For those who may not know who Garfield is, he is an overweight, orange tabby cat. Making his debut on June 19, 1978, Garfield can be considered a comic book hero of sorts. Although he is quite different from the typical superhero, he has notoriety and fame in the graphic novel and comic book world. Garfield, a lasagna-eating, coffee-loving, and extremely lazy cat spends most of his days with his owner Jon Arbuckle, Odie (Jon's pet dog), and his best friend Pooky (Garfield's stuffed teddy bear).

Garfield was created by Jim Davis, an American cartoonist. Davis started to create comics in high school for his school's newspaper. He had grown up on a farm with over 20 cats and pulled his inspiration from Garfield from his childhood experiences. From humble beginnings, Garfield now holds a Guinness World Record for the world's most widely syndicated comic strip. 

The success of Garfield has grown to more than just comics and graphic novels, Garfield has starred in animated TV specials, movies, and games. Most recently, there is a new Garfield movie that opened in theaters in 2024! 

Check out some Garfield Comics and Cartoons

If you have the time and love for a large, overweight, cynical cat then make your way to the San Jose Public Library and check out one of the many graphic novels in our collection to celebrate the world’s most opinionated feline's birthday on June 19th. 

Garfield Full Course Vol. 1 by Jim Davis

Garfield Full Course Vol. 2 by Jim Davis

Garfield: The Monday That Wouldn't End by Jim Davis

Garfield: 20 Stories

Garfield & Friends: Season One

Garfield and Friends: Grumpy Cat Edition

Written by Graphic Novel Making Contest committee member DeAnka Dopler-Pantoja.